Body Lift Surgery in India

Loose sagging skin just does not look good and gets in the way of normal activities or movement. Aging, pregnancy,certain genetic skin conditions, and major weight loss can result in lax hanging tissues. The body is three dimensional. When the problem extends around the body, Body Lift Surgery can addresses loose drooping tissues circumferentially. Body Lift Surgery often involves several stages to address the entire body: Lower Body Lift, Breast Lift, Arm Lift, Upper Body Lift among other sculptures. ebsite is but an introduction to what we have to offer at Bermant Plastic Surgery. We take our patient’s education, sculpture, after care, and comfort very seriously.


Many patients find that the majority of weight lost occurs in areas such as the buttocks, hips, and thighs. Extreme weight loss can leave large folds of skin that cause chafing and discomfort. A lower body lift can not only remove this excess skin, but also lift the buttocks and add flattering contours to the patient’s body.

The lower body lift procedure begins with the surgeon making an incision around the belt-line of the waist, across the lower abdomen, and down the inner thighs. Excess fat and skin are then removed before the incisions are closed and covered with bandages and a compressing garment. Because it is difficult to effectively tighten the lower body and not the abdomen, many patients choose to combine lower body lift surgery with an Abdominoplasty [ Tummy Tuck] or a mid body lift.

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The type of body lift surgery you choose will greatly depend upon the location of the excess skin on your body, as well as your overall aesthetic goals. Your plastic surgeon can focus on a specific part of your body, as is done in an arm lift or a thigh lift, or take a more inclusive approach and treat a larger area all at once.

These “full-scale” kinds of body lift surgery include the upper, mid, and lower body lift and serve to eliminate excess skin over large areas of the body. Even more complete are the body lifts that create an entirely new figure. These procedures are commonly referred to as total body lift surgery. Although recovery from total body lift surgery is more involved than that of smaller-scale body lift techniques, doctors are often able to achieve the best results with this kind of treatment.

Body lift surgery is an extensive type of surgery that will require a lengthy recuperation period. Be aware that scars are an inevitable part of having a body lift so if the thought of scars bothers you more than loose skin then weigh the pros and cons of your decision very carefully.

Depending on your age and state of health at the time of the surgery, some patients are restricted to not lift more than five pounds at a time and to not exercise at all. Walking is a very gentle form of exercise that is encouraged but it is strongly recommended that you refrain from other forms of exercise until an adequate level of healing has been reached. For most patients this means anywhere from six to eight weeks. The average person will need four to six weeks of a recovery period before they can resume their regular day-to-day activities. It is important that no amount of pressure be exerted on the surgery sites. Most individuals can return to their jobs after being off from two to four weeks, assuming there are no major complications from the surgery.


What will happen in the surgery ?

The surgery is usually carried out in three stages. In the first two stages the patient is lying on their side. During these stages, skin and fat from the buttocks, hips, back, and thighs are removed from each side. During the last stage, a tummy tuck is performed. By removing all the sagging skin you give a more youthful and smoother appearance. The excess skin is removed using incisions carefully placed so they are hidden under swimwear/underwear. The operation can take from 3-7 hours, and is done using a general anesthetic. All stitches are dissolvable and under the skin, so no suture removal is needed.

Recovery after Body Lift Surgery in India

A two-to-four day hospital stay is required, with patients resuming normal activities in four-to-six weeks. The incision is a thong bikini line incision around the entire body, producing a scar hidden by most bikini outlines. The scar usually fades substantially over 6-12 months.
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