IVF Treatment in Mumbai

A hope of new beginning is IVF Treatment in Mumbai

After the marriage, every couple wishes to have their own baby but due to infertility cause their all dreams of having their own baby gets shattered but now they don’t worry because the fertility experts are offering them the best IVF treatment in Mumbai which will fulfill all their dreams and that too at a reasonable cost.

Procedure of IVF treatment

The basic steps of the IVF Treatment in Mumbai for all couples are ovulation induction, egg retrieval, sperm insemination, fertilization, embryo culture and embryo transfer.

how-does 1. Ovulation Induction: This is the first step of the IVF Treatment in Mumbai where the fertility drugs are given to you to enhance the growth of the ovarian follicles in order to develop more healthy and mature eggs in each ovulation cycle.

2.Tests and Scans: To monitor the growth of the developing follicles your fertility expert will conduct the ultrasound scan and to check your hormone level they will conduct some blood tests such as Estrogen, LH, and Progesterone.

3.Egg Retrieval: After the follicles achieve maturity, your eggs will be retrieved under mild anesthesia by your fertility experts and they will insert a fine thin needle into your vagina under the guidance of ultrasound and your embryologist will check the follicular fluid for the presence of the egg. They are gently handled by your fertility experts prior the IVF treatment.

4. Insemination of eggs: In this step, your husband semen sample is collected into a sterile container and handed over to the laboratory staff. The laboratory staffs prepare to obtain the motile sperm and then they are used to inseminate the eggs by using IVF/ICSI procedure.

  1. e) Egg Fertilization: In this step, your embryologist will examine the fertilization of eggs after the egg retrieval day. The fertilized eggs have 2 nuclei in the center, one from the egg and other from sperm.
  2. f) Embryo Culture: In this step, the fertilized egg will be placed in an incubator for 2-5 days to develop into eight-cell or blastocyst stage. Blastocyst stage is the stage where the eggs are transferred into your uterus.
  3. g) Embryo Transfer: This is the most important step of the IVF Treatment in Mumbai where the resulting embryo will be placed into your uterus by using a fine thin catheter to achieve the successful pregnancy.
  4. h) Pregnancy Test: The final step of the IVF Treatment in Mumbai is the pregnancy test. After two weeks of embryo transfer your fertility expert will conduct some blood tests and ultrasound scan to verify the pregnancy and if it is positive then it will be carried as a normal pregnancy, however, if you fail to achieve the successful pregnancy then you can repeat you IVF cycle.

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