Cheek Augmentation Surgery India

Cheek Augmentation (or cheek implants) (known to physicians as submalar and malar augmentation) is a general term that describes surgery to enhance the appearance of one’s cheeks. This is a relatively minor procedure that restructures cheekbones, balancing facial features and restoring a youthful and vibrant appearance.

The desired effect is to change the shape or size of the cheek or to correct flaws caused by birth defects or injury. The surgery is generally simple, fast, and uncomplicated. Cheek Augmentation (Cheek Implants) helps to boost self-esteem. This procedure gives the face a more proportional and balanced appearance.

Cheek Augmentation Surgery India

Cheek Implants in India

Cheek implants can improve cheeks that are poorly defined and add new contours to the face. The implants are made of a strong, silicone elastomer, and are inserted through small incisions made in the inside of the mouth or in the lower eyelids. Pockets are created in the cheek tissue to make room for the implant. Patients who have had a lifetime of facial narrowness or have lost cheek contour with age can have results that restore balance to facial features give the entire face a better proportion. Cheek implants can be performed as an outpatient and the procedure typically takes about an hour to complete.

Cheek implants on older patients allow a face a fuller look, especially if the face is looking sunken in, drawn, or aged. Younger women that have flat cheekbones go for cheek implants to get the chic high cheekbone look of fashion models. Underdeveloped cheekbones make other facial features appear more prominent. This procedure is often performed in combination with Rhinoplasty, Neck Liposuction, and/or Chin Augmentation.

When cheek implants are placed in conjunction with another facial plastic surgery procedure such as a face lift, brow lift, rhinoplasty, or eyelid lift, the implants can be inserted through the incisions made for those procedures. When not used in conjunction with other plastic surgery treatments, the cheek implants are placed on their own through small incisions made in the mouth or lower eyelids. The implants are placed into small pockets formed by the surgeon in the cheek tissue. Stitches used to close the incision are removed in about 10 days, or they dissolve in the about the same period if placed inside the mouth.


Chin augmentation in India

Chin augmentation can be done using an USDA approved implant, usually made of medical grade silicone . These can be placed over the chin point introrally, preferred – no visible scars or through a facial approach under the chin region. A facial dressing will be in place for a period of 7 days after surgery.

Augmentation can also be done by sliding your bony chin along with adding or subtracting bone from the chin region to either increase or decrease the facial height.

Chin augmentation is a frequently performed procedure to help balance a face with a weak or recessive chin. If the occlusion (bite) is properly aligned, but the chin is recessive, then the patient is a good candidate for chin augmentation with a synthetic implant. The procedure can also be done by cutting and repositioning the bone. While any implant material runs a risk of infection and consequently needs removal, it is very infrequent. Today the emphasis is on anatomical implants that wrap around the chin as opposed to the smaller implants that just sit in front of the chin. There are several different styles and sizes available.

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Also, special chin implants are often used to fill out natural defects from aging. The idea of using implants for the aging face is based on the general loss of volume we sustain as we age.

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What are the Side Effects of Chin Augmentation ?

Chin augmentation side effects can include temporary swelling, bruising, tightness in area surrounding the mouth, tingling, and varied sensations of hot and cold.

How Long do Chin Augmentation results last ?

Chin augmentation results are usually permanent.This can depend, of course, on a few factors.

What is the recovery time for Chin Augmentation ?

Patient wears protective dressing home after surgery, covering the chin. After chin augmentation, recovery from swelling, as well as slight local discomfort and possible numbness, will occur over the month or two following surgery. Most patients can get back to work within the week following surgery Other minimally-strenuous activities can usually be resumed about 1-2 weeks after surgery. Exercise should be avoided until about the fourth week of chin augmentation recovery.