IVF Cost in Bangalore

Where to avail affordable IVF Treatment Cost in Bangalore?

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is one of the finest assisted reproductive techniques performed when a couple is not able to attain parenthood via a natural process. It is the best fertility option where conception is achieved with the aid of assisted reproductive technology. Infertility is a widespread disorder affecting every six out of ten couples and is a condition that impairs the ability of a couple to achieve conception even after attempting to conceive for more than a year. It is a prevalent problem and as a result, assisted reproductive technology came into existence as a ray of hope to infertile couples.

Often referred to as test-tube baby, IVF is a fertility treatment option by which conception is achieved without the need of a woman’s body and in an environment similar to the fertile environment of a human’s body. The treatment makes pregnancy achievable and eradicates the tag of infertility from a couple’s life. The application of IVF treatment has produced the desired results for a lot of couples who have undergone this treatment with the purpose of having a baby. In the course of the treatment, the eggs and the sperms received from the couples or donors are mixed together for inducing fertilization and subsequently, pregnancy takes place.

IVF treatment is a long process incorporating various steps and each step should be executed effectively so that the couple can experience success in the treatment. For effective implementation of the treatment, services of highly qualified fertility experts are needed. At We Care India, we operate in conjunction with the best fertility experts having substantive expertise in providing the finest quality fertility treatment. We offer the best quality treatment at a reasonable IVF cost in Bangalore without undermining the quality of the treatment. Our medical professionals and other team members put combined efforts in ensuring that the patient receives success in their fertility treatment.

How is IVF Treatment Performed in Bangalore?

The patient undergoing the IVF treatment is often advised to prepare in advance by making certain changes in their lifestyle that will eventually aid in enhancing the possibility of success in the fertility treatment. Incorporating healthy eating habits such as the intake of nutritious foods as well as avoiding that which is harmful to the fertile health of both men and women is recommended. In the beginning of the treatment, the woman is prescribed fertility medication where she is given fertility drugs or an HCG injection for making her ovaries develop fertile eggs in substantial quantity.

Thereafter, ultrasounds and lab tests are performed on the woman to see whether the eggs have developed or are mature enough to be retrieved from the ovarian follicle. After the maturity of the eggs is confirmed, the doctors take out the eggs with the assistance of a hollow needle from the ovarian follicle. The next stage involves the need for sperms and for that the male partner or a sperm donor is asked to provide his semen sample in the process of semen collection.

After collecting both the eggs and the sperms, they are combined together in a petri dish so that fertilization can take place. Once fertilization occurs and the mixture develops into an embryo or embryos, it remains in the lab for another 4-5 days so it can mature and evolve. When the embryo is ready to get transferred, the surgeon implants it into the womb of the woman by performing a process called embryo transfer. In the end, some pregnancy tests are done to confirm the occurrence of pregnancy. It takes around two weeks for a healthy pregnancy to occur.

We Care India offers the most affordable IVF treatment cost in Bangalore for the above-mentioned process. Our medical experts have a record of performing a lot of successful fertility treatments and make sure that the patients get the most coveted outcomes in their IVF treatment. They use the most advanced pieces of equipment when performing IVF treatment in Bangalore.

Feasible IVF cost in Bangalore

The cost of IVF treatment in Bangalore is determined after taking into consideration the health of the patient, their previous medical history, and the severity of their infertility. However, the IVF treatment cost in Bangalore can be classified into two main categories that is basic IVF cost, and advanced IVF cost.

  • Basic IVF Cost. IVF is the most widely performed fertility treatment in which pregnancy is achieved by combining the eggs and the sperms in a lab environment. Oftentimes, success in IVF is achieved by performing the basic treatment if the condition of the patient is not too severe. The aforementioned cost involves the charges such as lab charges, fertility medication charges, lab tests, ultrasounds, transvaginal ultrasounds, charges of the surgeon, etc.
  • Advance IVF Cost. Sometimes the normal IVF treatment route may not bear fruitful results and the patient may have to undergo the advance course of an IVF treatment in order to achieve the desired outcomes. IVF treatment with egg donor has suggested to the patient in case the woman is incapable of making desired quantity of fertile eggs required for the successful execution of the IVF treatment. On the other hand services of a sperm donor are used when the man is inefficient at making the best quality sperms, which are essential for the fertilization process.

Also, IVF is performed in conjunction with other advanced fertility treatments such as ICSI, IMSI, PICSI for assuring effective results in the fertility treatment. The advanced form of treatment significantly enhances the chances of attaining conception. The advanced IVF treatment cost in Bangalore starts from INR 2,50,000 and ranges up to INR 3,00,000 in order to conform to the specific requirements of different patients. Patients who did not receive success in the basic IVF treatment benefit from the advance fertility treatment as they help in getting positive outcomes.

Why Choose We Care India For IVF Treatment?

We Care India is a well-known medical tourism company in India having medical professionals and specialists possessing substantial expertise in providing the best quality fertility at a reasonable IVF cost in Bangalore. Our fertility experts work efficiently until the success in the fertility treatment is confirmed. They make sure that the patients return home with a baby in their arms and put combined efforts in ensuring that. They utilize state-of-the-art equipment and technology in ensuring that the patients get the most desired outcomes in their fertility treatment.

Our patients benefit from the world-class infrastructure and first-rate amenities offered to them at the most reasonable IVF charges in Bangalore. The team at the concerned fertility center provides extensive care and great emotional support as we understand that IVF is an intricate fertility treatment process and demands exceptional care at each step of the treatment. IVF is a long-drawn process and immense care is required for ensuring great chances of success in the treatment. At We Care India, we have well-experienced fertility experts with over three decades of experience in providing the finest quality fertility treatment. They carefully analyze the condition of the patient and offer the best suitable treatment that eradicates the cause behind infertility and help in making certain high chances of success in the IVF treatment.

Apart from the low IVF treatment cost in Bangalore, our success rates for IVF treatment are substantially higher when compared to that of other fertility clinics in Bangalore. Our low cost and high success rates are the reason that compels international patients to choose India for undergoing fertility treatment. Choose We Care India if you wish to experience a satisfactory fertility treatment experience that ensures high success rates in the fertility treatment.

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