IVF Teatment in Bangalore

An Overall View of IVF Treatment in Bangalore

IVF treatment in Bangalore is one of the most effective fertility treatments involving a number of procedures for the purpose of encouraging pregnancy. The fertility treatment is performed when a couple is dealing with a condition called infertility; a situation in which a couple is not able to conceive in spite of having intercourse for six months to a year. It is a severe problem impacting millions of couples around the world. The exact cause of infertility is hard to detect but is often caused due to inappropriate hormone levels in both male and female.

To tackle the issue of infertility, assisted reproductive technology is developed that includes a number of fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, and Surrogacy. The purpose of these techniques is to make pregnancy possible for the couple who find it impossible to attain pregnancy and eagerly wish to become parents. It is important to combat the issue of infertility as the disorder can be a cause of stress and depression.

Before settling down on an appropriate IVF clinic, thorough research should be done as fertility treatment is a big task and one should carefully analyze all their options before choosing the best clinic. While a couple may be able to get pregnant with minor fertility treatments such as hormonal treatment and fertility drugs, but taking the help of IVF is essential when the minor treatments and therapies fail at producing the coveted outcomes.

We Care India is the best medical tourism company in India known for providing it services for different types of fertility treatment at the lowest cost possible. We are associated with the best fertility experts having considerable experience in providing the best quality fertility treatment. Our fertility specialists have more than 30 years of experience in offering the desirable results in the IVF treatment. They make sure to put concerted efforts with our team so that infertile couples can return home with a baby in their arms from our centre.

The Complete Process of IVF Treatment in Bangalore

ivf treatment in bangalore

IVF is a long and intricate treatment process involving a lot of steps such as ovulation induction, medication, embryo development, embryo transfer, etc. Therefore, the process takes a considerable amount of time and investment. It is crucial to pick the finest IVF centre in Bangalore as it largely determines the efficacy with which the patient receives success in their fertility treatment. The woman undergoing the fertility treatment is often advised to prepare at least three months prior to the fertility treatment by following a healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen. Preparing in advance helps in creating a fertile environment inside your body, which is crucial for enhancing the chances of success in your IVF treatment. Then, the woman is invited to the fertility centre for beginning the treatment. Initially, the woman is given fertility medication for around 5-6 days to activate and induce her ovulation cycle. The ovulation induction treatment leads to the development of more healthy and fertile eggs that are essential for performing any kind of fertility treatment. Afterward, ultrasounds are performed on woman to see whether the eggs have matured and once they mature, they are taken out from the ovarian follicle with the help of a sharp needle.

The subsequent step includes the process of semen collection in which the father or a sperm donor is invited to the clinic to provide their semen sample. The doctor washes the received semen sample in order to separate the finest quality sperms with the less motile sperms. He picks the highest motility sperms and abandons the rest of the material in the seminal fluid. The collected sperms are then mixed with the eggs in a laboratory culture dish. The lab environment is identical to that of a human body environment, which makes fertilization outside a human body possible.

The fertilization results in the formation of an embryo, which is kept in the lab for another 4-5days for ensuring that it has matured completely and is ready to get transferred. At last, embryo transfer is done where the embryo is transferred inside the uterus of the woman and then it is just a matter of days for a pregnancy to take place. About two weeks later, woman is again called for performing some ultrasounds and pregnancy tests to confirm her pregnancy, which is, in most of the cases, results in positive, if the patient has received the fertility treatment under the auspices of our fertility doctors at the concerned fertility centre.

Factors Determining the Chances of Success in IVF Treatment in Bangalore

Below are some factors that aid in determining whether IVF treatment is a suitable option for you or not.

  • Previous Medical History – The fertility specialists will cautiously evaluate your previous medical history to see if there is possibility of you achieving pregnancy at all. Your medical history will majorly help in assessing whether you have experienced pregnancy in your life, chances of a miscarriage happening, etc. If you are at a risk of a miscarriage or any other contagious problem, then the fertility specialist will provide you the treatment by making adjustment to the course of the treatment and making certain high chances of success.
  • Severity of your infertility – The extent to which your reproductive system does not function properly is the greatest influencing factor in determining positive outcome in your IVF treatment. If your problem is mild to moderate then you may need not to undergo an IVF treatment as basic fertility treatment such as IUI, fertility drugs and other hormonal therapies may help in brining the desired results. However, application of IVF treatment is required if the minor treatments failed at producing the desired results. Sometimes a patient has to take the course of more than one IVF cycle if the issue of infertility is too severe.
  • Age of the patient – Age is a crucial determiner when it comes to success in the IVF treatment. A woman’s ability to produce healthy and fertile eggs reduces with the increase in her age. For instance, a woman of age 25 has a healthier lot of fertile eggs than a woman over the age 35 or 40. This reduced fertility aids in diminishing the chances of success in an IVF treatment. Fewer eggs and the bad quality of eggs negatively impact the chances of success in an IVF treatment.
  • Everyday habits – Your everyday schedule and the habits that your accustomed to in general goes a long way in determining the chances of success in an IVF treatment. It is better to stop consuming alcohol and give up other bad habits if you wish to receive success in your fertility treatment. People who drink or smoke are at the greater risk of a failure happening in your IVF treatment than those who do not. Moreover, the overweight or obese woman also finds it difficult to get pregnant so it is essential to maintain a healthy weight.

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Finding the Best IVF Centre in Bangalore

We Care India is a widely acknowledged medical tourism company in India known for offering the positive results in the fertility treatment. Our fertility experts and doctors possess adequate expertise in the fertility domain. They are known for performing a number of successful fertility treatments and have helped a lot of patients in achieving their dream of experiencing parenthood. Our experts employ state-of-the-art equipments when performing different types of fertility treatments, they make sure that the patients receive the finest quality treatment and go home with a baby.

Furthermore, the clinics provided by our medical tourism company are highly equipped with the latest surgical instruments. Our medical professionals stay updated with all the latest alterations in the fertility domain and apply the same when performing the IVF treatment in Bangalore. They have substantial experience in accurately assessing the cause of infertility and accordingly, provide the best suitable course of treatment. They comprehensively examine the medical history of the patient and put all their efforts in making certain that they receive success in the IVF treatment.

Our success rates for IVF treatment are significantly higher when compared to that of other fertility clinics in India. We provide our patients with the best infrastructural facilities and amenities so that they experience a satisfactory fertility treatment experience at the best IVF centre in Bangalore. The reasonably priced treatment and high success rates are the reason that compels the patients to choose Bangalore for their fertility treatment.

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