It’s a sad fact that IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) technology today is still not perfect. Only one of ten embryos we transfer in the uterus implants successfully in the endometrium to become a baby. Why is the embryo ( Laser Hatching Video ) implantation rate only 10 ? Some doctors believe this is because the surrounding shell of the embryo (called the zona pellucida) hardens when it is cultured in the laboratory.

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We can use “embryo surgery” called zona drilling or assisted hatching to “soften” the shell of the embryo. This helps to increase pregnancy rates by improving implantation rates, since embryo hatching is facilitated. In the past, this was done using acid (acid Tyrode’s) , but this can damage the embryo.

For a pregnancy to result from any assisted reproductive technology procedure, the embryo must successfully implant into the uterus following the embryo transfer. Failure of the embryo to implant is one of the main reasons that some ART procedures, such as ICSI, don’t result in a pregnancy.

Laser-Assisted Hatching and ART Procedures in india

When sperm and eggs are combined in a laboratory, the zona pellucida (the shell surrounding the fertilized egg) hardens, making it more difficult for the embryo to implant. The laser micromanipulation technique called laser hatching is an additional lab technique designed to improve the efficiency of assisted reproductive technology procedures such as ICSI.

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The Laser-Assisted Hatching Technique Treatment in india

Using a precision laser, an opening is made in the zona pellucida to weaken the wall of the embryo. The opening made by laser hatching helps the embryo hatch from the zona pellucida and implant correctly.

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Laser assisted hatching is one out of several methods to help the fertilised egg hatch and attach to the womb. Other methods are acid or mechanical hatching of one a part of zona pellucida. At Nordica we offer laser assisted hatching, which is a gentle and safe way to weaken a part of zona pellucida. After treating the fertilised egg with laser assisted hatching, we transfer the embryo into the woman’s womb. In most cases the embryo will attach for normal growth and development.

Scientific experiments have shown that one method of assisted hatching is not superior to another. Nor are eggs damaged by assisted hatching.

Recent meta-research (comparison of different relevant researches) showed that women who have undergone repeated IVF treatments without results, double their chances of a pregnancy by use of assisted laser hatching.

Advantages Treatment in india

  • Laser assisted hatching takes less time and does not expose the embryos to potentially adverse chemicals, so embryos spend less time out of optimal culture conditions.
  • It also requires significantly less physical manipulation of the embryos.
  • The cumulative effect of these factors is to minimize the stress places upon the embryos during the performance of assisted hatching. This in turn should then translate into improved implantation and pregnancy rates.

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