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The liver is the largest organ in the human body weighing around three pounds and supports various metabolic functions of the body. Life is not possible without a properly functioning liver. It is a crucial organ performing complicated functions such as digesting fat, produces protein, absorbs vitamins, etc. When there are serious issues impeding the effective functioning of the liver and symptoms are too severe to be cured by medication, then the situation calls for a liver transplant surgery. Liver transplant in India is required when the patient experiences problems such as yellowing of the eye, swollen abdomen, nausea, etc.

In a liver transplant, the dysfunctional or deceased liver of the patient is replaced with that of a healthy functioning liver, which is surgically removed from another person or a cadaveric donor. During the surgery, only a part of the donated liver is used since a liver is being capable of developing on its own. The consent of the deceased donor is received beforehand, and once they are declared their liver is removed and preserved for transplantation in future. Liver transplant is a complex procedure and it is often hard to find a suitable match for your liver transplant surgery, which is why there is a long waiting list to get an affordable liver transplant cost in India.

We Care India is a top-notch medical tourism in India working in collaboration with certified medical professionals and doctors with over two decades of experience in providing effective treatments to their patients. Our specialists perform more than 5000 successful liver transplant in India each year. They are well-experienced in performing different types of liver transplants in India that promises high success rates. A liver transplant is a procedure in which a damaged or injured liver is removed and replaced with a healthy one with the assistance of highly experienced surgeons at the network hospitals under We Care India. The liver transplant in India becomes a necessity when a patient is at the last stage of liver disease or had liver failure.

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Indications for a Liver Transplant in India

Liver transplant in India is a surgery where the surgeon takes out the diseased or failed liver from the patient’s body and places a properly functioning liver in his body. Liver transplant surgery is the only option to restore normal functioning of your body when your liver has become too weak to carry out its functions or when you have had liver failure, and there is no mechanical replacement for your liver.

Below are the two main indicating the need for a liver transplant in India.

  1. Acute Liver Failure

Acute liver failure is a liver failure that happens suddenly. It is a rare type of liver failure that originates slowly and usually the patient affected with this condition has no previous record of liver disease or any other type of symptoms. Also referred to as fulminant hepatic failure, is a condition where a patient experiences serious problems such as heavy bleeding, pressure in the brain, and situations requiring emergency hospitalization. The main reason behind this sudden outburst of pain can be liver insufficiency that becomes serious when a patient is met with an injury, have ingested toxic substances, or is having a viral infection.

The main symptom that can be noticed is the yellowing of the skin. Sometimes it also happens that a patient has a previous history of another kind of liver disease such as hepatitis C, and suddenly experiencing a surprising deterioration of their liver function. It is not a good decision to wait for weeks or months for a liver transplant if you are have had an acute liver failure because contrary to chronic liver failure waiting for the transplant has a serious possibility of resulting in the death of the patient.

  1. Chronic Liver Failure

Chronic liver failure is a condition that occurs slowly than acute liver failure or sometimes takes years before its symptoms are clearly perceptible. Our liver has the ability to develop itself after an injury but it has a breaking point where it can no longer regrow itself and reaches a final stage of scarring called cirrhosis. Cirrhosis happens when the liver has lost its capacity to repair itself over and over after having repeated injuries. The person affected with cirrhosis experiences the worsening of the liver functions, which is called decompensate liver disease.

Although medication helps in reducing the pain and the discomfort of the patient owing to liver failure, surgery is the last resort if a patient wishes to live a life with a properly functioning liver. There are other causes of chronic liver failure such as viral hepatitis, metabolic liver disease, genetic liver disease, etc.  At We Care India, our surgeons have substantive expertise in diagnosing the exact cause of your liver failure and perform the most appropriate surgery accordingly at a reasonable liver transplant cost in India.

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Reasonable Liver Transplant Cost in India

The cost of liver transplant in India starts from USD 20,000 and goes up to USD 35,000, which is the most affordable cost you can get for liver transplant in India. Our low-cost is the reason that compels the patients to choose India for their medical tourism. International patients pick India for their treatment as the cost in their native country for liver transplant is around USD 3,00,000. The price range given by us can go beyond the aforementioned cost if the situation demands so. The cost is formulated after taking into account the cost of the surgeon, the type of the surgery, and the specific condition of the patient.

Also, we provide the best liver transplant in India with the aid of the services of our well-educated doctors and surgeons. They have maintained a track record of performing various successful liver transplants in India. Liver transplant surgery is an intricate surgery that demands extensive care and only experienced surgeons at We Care India can conduct the whole process effectively. Our patients can avail of the services of highly qualified medical professionals at an economical price.

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