The most common treatment for vestibular schwannoma involves surgery, in which the tumor is removed. The goal of vestibular schwannoma surgery is to maintain hearing while removing the entire tumor. For smaller tumors, this may be possible. In cases involving a larger tumor, however, removing the vestibular schwannoma may affect the patient’s hearing.

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Before the Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery in india

Vestibular schwannoma surgery is performed on an in-patient basis, which means you will stay in the hospital after the procedure. In some cases, you may also need to stay overnight before the procedure.

You will receive specific instructions as to : –

  • Where and when to arrive at the medical facility
  • How to prepare for your vestibular schwannoma surgery
  • What to expect the day of and the days following your procedure.

How is a Vestibular Schwannoma Treatead ?

The goal of treatment for benign tumors is to eradicate the tumor while preserving form and function. This holds true for Vestibular Schwannomas as well. There are three treatment options for patients with a Vestibular Schwannoma, observation, radiotherapy, and surgery. Which option is best for each individual must be carefully determined based on the size of the tumor, the location of the tumor, the symptoms, the patient’s age and general health, and the patient’s goals and concerns. This decision is made by the patient after discussing all the options, each with unique risks and benefits.

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Advantages Surgery in india : –

  • May avoid surgery
  • May avoid radiation

Disadvantages : –

  • Tumor is still there and does not disappear
  • MRI must be done at least once every 1-2 years
  • Hearing loss and dizziness may develop or worsen, even if the tumor is not growing
  • May be more difficult to perform hearing preservation surgery later on
  • If the tumor grows, treatment will be needed
  • May be more difficult to preserve normal facial function if tumor has grown or become attached to facial nerve

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