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All the Relevant Information about Spine Surgery in India

If a person is struggling with the back pain for some length of time, then he or she would be experiencing spinal issues and Spine Surgery in India is the best solution to work on the case of spinal issues. Sometimes, an individual has to undergo with the surgery. However, hearing the name of surgery now-a-days is a bit calm-down compared to 20-30 years back, where even for a small issue, a patient had to undergo with a major surgical treatment.

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On the other hand, now need to be finger crossed because there are varieties of ultra-modern apparatuses, which do not require large cuts and a long recovery. This is done by MIS –Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedure, during this process, a patient gets fewer cuts compared to the old conventional methods with fast recovery.

India has been emerging as a well-known medical hub for its reasonable and matchless spinal surgery, not only this, if we talk about the Spine Surgery Cost in India, then India is the only one country that provides Spine Surgery treatment across the world.

How you can evaluate when you need Spine Surgery in India?

If you are experiencing –

  • Spine injury
  • Back pain
  • Lack of sensation in the leg
  • Weakness of leg

If a person faces with any of the above situation, the reasons behind this can be aging of a person, body mechanics, any structural abnormalities or even trauma. If an individual faces with chronic back pain, then the health professionals of We Care India will diagnose the issue and if there is the requirement of  treatment or surgery. However, if you have planned for your spine surgery in India it is essential to consider more information regarding your case from several spine experts because more details you will get, more clarified structure you will have for the treatment, for the Cost of Spine Surgery in India and so on.

If you need any medical assistance or just even suggestion, we will always there for you guiding you the most appropriate spine treatment based on your case and situation. We Care India is the leading spine centre in India and performs best spine treatment across the India; we do have several branches in India and also the preferred destination for n number of international patients.

Now the question comes when you can think or guess that you are experiencing with spinal issues. If you are facing from neck pain, low back pain for the past few days, you should go and seek expert’s suggestion for your issue, the expert initially will tell to maintain good posture, stable physical activity to see if the problem of your can be resolved by using these methods.

If the issue is not able to resolve by the physical activity then the expert will figure out the patients’ actual cause and plan the treatment based on the spinal issue. On the basis of spinal treatment arrangement the Spine Surgery Cost in India is based.

When a person is recommended for the surgery-?

Yes, surgery is the endmost solution when a person experiences with –

  • Issue with their spinal cord
  • Experiencing weakness in leg, arm or limb
  • And if the individual has already undergone the conservative treatments but nothing happened and have been failed

Common Spine Surgery in India performed By We Care India

As mentioned above, there are many conditions that may lead for a patient to opt for Spine Surgery in India. Some of the common and most performed surgeries include


This surgery is also termed as Microdiscectomy, is a procedure of taking away a herniated intervertebral disc. This surgical procedure is MISS procedure. It is the surgical procedure, where the spine surgeons eliminate the abnormal disc material that presses on the spinal cord or nerve root.


As the name suggests, it works on the same, i.e. Lamina; it’s a surgical procedure, where the surgeons remove a portion of the patient’s vertebral bone known as Lamina. This surgery is one of the major surgical spine procedures with residual scar tissue. The main purpose of removing the bony plate on the back of vertebra is to increase the space in between the spinal canal; this in turn relieves the pressure.


This is a surgical procedure to treat spinal issues; this process is an orthopedic neurosurgical step and covers the step of removal of some parts of the Lamina of a vertebral arch so that the pressure in the vertebral canal can be relieved. Both of the surgeries (Laminectomy and Laminotomy) are associated to decompression process (during decompression process, the tissue compressing a spinal nerve is removed), however, during the Laminotomy process, less bone is taken away than a Laminectomy procedure.

Spine Fusion

Spinal fusion is one of the Spine Surgery in India and is used to solve the issues with the patient’s small bones present in the vertebrae. This surgery joins two vertebrae. This surgery may involve bone graft with or without the instruments (like rods, screws).Different types of Bone grafts are available for spinal fusion surgery, such as the patient’s own bone (autograft), and donor bone (referred as allograft).

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Spinal fusion can be fulfilled by different methods –

  • Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion – ALIF
  • Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion – PLIF
  • Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) – this approach indicates a surgical way through the foramen.
  • Lateral Interbody Fusion – LIF –this is an approach which is accomplished by minimally invasive way from the side of the patient’s body.
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How much does Spine Surgery Cost in India?

The  Affordable Spine Surgery Cost in India depends on the kind of the procedure recommended to you for your case. Do you know the average cost of spine surgery cost outside India, it is $100,000 or even higher than this but India is the only one country where you can get far affordable cost, this is because here in India there are so many options available, world-class spine experts and the major factor behind this is the India’s flourished and top-most destination of the medical tourism. Spine Surgery Cost in India charges less because of factors like reasonable cost of apparatuses, lower consultation fees, tax is less and so on. True, if we compare the Cost of Spine Surgery in India with other countries then India is almost a fraction of what actual cost a person will get in western counterparts of the world and this is the biggest reason, why thousands of individuals travel to get their Spine Surgery in India.

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Some of the Common Countries from Which Patients Travel to India for Spine Surgery are:

NOTE – The Spine Surgery Cost in India mentioned above for Disc Replacement is performed with FDA approved implant.