Stages Of Surrogate Program


To launch a surrogate motherhood program, genetic parents are expected to enter into the contract with the surrogate motherhood center, under which they will be offered a choice of surrogate mother candidates.

Surrogate motherhood program. Stage 1 Treatment in india

  • We Care India shall provide for the database of the oocyte donors (photographs and general data). This database will enable genetic parents to choose candidacies they may find acceptable.
  • Basing on the interview and psychological testing results, the psychologist will draw a conclusion as to admission of a particular surrogate mother to the surrogate motherhood program.
  • The We Care India’s partner clinic will carry out, on its account, the comprehensive medical examination of surrogate mother and oocyte donor candidates in order to see whether they are fit for participation in the surrogate motherhood program under the medical aspect.

Should the candidacy of a surrogate mother or oocyte donor be found acceptable in every way by genetic parents, the Child Carrying Contract would need to be signed between the surrogate mother and the genetic parents, under which the surrogate mother will provide her services.

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Surrogate motherhood program . Stage 2 Treatment in india

  • The Legal Department of the We Care India partner clinic will assist the parties in entering into the contract with their wishes being taken into account and as prescribed by all relevant legislative regulations of Ukraine.
  • We Care India will help the parties to choose a clinic and prepare all essential documents.
  • The parties will be assisted by the personnel of the surrogate motherhood center solving the matters of accommodation, catering and medical observation of the surrogate mother during her pregnancy period.
  • We Care India will exercise control over the program and its overall maintenance till the time of the delivery and registration of proper documents for a child.

Stages of the Surrogacy Program Treatment in india

  • Conclusion of contract between surrogate and genetic parents on presentation of candidature of surrogate mother by the Center.
  • The full medical examination of the surrogate is carried out by the surrogacy clinic.
  • In case the chosen candidate is suitable for the genetic parents by all the parameters, the lawyers of our surrogacy Clinic help to conclude the contract between the surrogate mother and genetic parents on rendering services of the surrogate mother.
  • Choice of medical clinic and help in preparation of all necessary documents.
  • Arrangement of issues connected with accommodation, food, medical examination leisure and entertainment during stay in India.
  • Birth of the child and everything that is connected with this.
  • Help in registration of parental rights for the child in the Civil Registry Office.
  • Our surrogacy clinic renders many additional services with an individual approach.

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