Unilateral Knee Replacement Surgery In India

c952ee8b0a19286d1c16816a54c7b5cbKnee replacement surgery is really a cartilage replacement. The knee itself is not replaced, only the damaged cartilage and bone ends. Knee replacement implants include a metal alloy on the end of the thighbone and polyethylene (plastic) on the top of the tibia and underneath the kneecap. The implant is designed to create a new, smoothly functioning joint that can prevent painful bone-on-bone contact. Your surgeon may elect to replace all or part of your knee, depending on your condition and the extent to which your knee is affected by arthritis.
Sometimes knee arthritis only affects one side of the joint. In such cases, a unicompartmental knee replacement (UKR) is done. This implant only replaces the affected side of the knee joint. This study looks at knee motion after a UKR and compares it to motion after a total knee replacement (TKR).

The other major development in orthopedic surgery has taken place in knee surgery, which is called uni-compartmental knee replacement. Now the recovery has become more swift and painless due to better cementing techniques. This surgery is more useful for younger generation because now surgery is also done without using binding materials. The screws and other press fit methods ensure further replacements and adjustments with less difficulty and pain.

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How we treat you

A knee replacement is normally performed under general anaesthetic, which means
you are asleep during the operation. During the operation, your whole existing knee joint is replaced with a new prosthetic knee joint this takes between one and two hours. You will have a cut (incision) of about 15 cm (6-8 inches) at the front of your knee where the replacement will take place. Usually, you will stay in hospital for 4-6 days, but you may have to stay longer if necessary.

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About the operation

A knee replacement usually takes up to two hours. Your surgeon will make a single cut (10 to 30cm long) down the front of your knee.

Your kneecap is moved to one side to reach the knee joint. The worn or damaged surfaces are removed from both the end of your thigh bone and the top of your shin bone. The surfaces are shaped to fit the artificial knee joint. The new joint is fitted over both bones.

Sometimes the back of your kneecap is replaced with a plastic part. This is called patellar resurfacing.

After the new joint is fitted, the skin cut is closed with stitches or clips and covered with a dressing. Your knee will be tightly bandaged to help minimise swelling.

Recovering from knee replacement surgery

If you need them, you can take over-the-counter painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Follow the instructions in the patient information leaflet that comes with the medicine and ask your pharmacist for advice.

The exercises recommended by your physiotherapist are a crucial part of your recovery, so it’s essential that you continue to do them.

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