LASIK surgery in India

What is the Average Cost for LASIK Surgery in India?

The average for Lasik laser eye surgery depends on the technology you choose and level of experience of Lasik surgeons. With the advancement in Lasik technologies, various categories are formed to...
Cornea Transplant India

Cornea Transplant in India – A procedure to restore the lost eyesight

Cornea Transplant in India is the procedure in which your eye surgeons at the network hospitals under We Care India, the medical tourism company will replace the diseased cornea by the...
Squint Surgery in India

Squint Surgery in India – To improve the alignment of the eyes

The surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India, the best and leading medical tourism company perform the Squint Surgery in India to loosen or tighten the muscles of eyes to...

Glaucoma Treatment in India – To Protect the Vision

What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma is a major disease of the optic nerve which caused when the pressure on the eye is increased. The optic nerve is the organ which receives light...
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