The Pros And Cons of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery

Going for a laser eye surgery is a big decision, and it is also very important to make the right choice for you. To help you with your decision for laser surgery we have put together a list of some pros and cons that you should consider before undergoing for a laser eye treatment, so you can be fully prepared for what to expect from the surgery.

The Pros

a) Freedom from contact lenses and glasses: The people who use both contact lenses and glasses which is at times very inconvenient.

Laser eye surgery is a treatment which will give you the freedom to discard your contact lenses and glasses. After the laser eye surgery, you can also expect to save some money in the long term, as you will no longer need a contact lenses subscription or new glasses. Please note that some people still require glasses while driving at night.

b) Career building and new opportunities: There are some jobs that require you to have 20/20 vision without the aid of contact lenses and glasses which mean you should have perfect vision. The jobs such as airline pilot, air traffic controller, and firefighter. So, if you are dealing with impaired vision currently and wish to set your career in any of these jobs then the laser eye surgery is the best option to fulfill your dream into reality.

With the help of laser eye surgery, you will also enable take up sports and hobbies which may not have been suitable when wearing glasses such as football, swimming, gym etc.

c) To build confidence: There are people who enjoy wearing the glasses, and find them stylish; however, the others are not so keen. You might be one of them who don’t want to wear the glasses as it makes you feel awkward or self-conscious.

The laser eye surgery is the best option that allows you to take off your glasses for good. You can then feel confident about your looks, and about your eye safety.

The Cons

a) It’s a big investment: We understand that the laser eye surgery is an expensive treatment for many people and this is the reason that the eye clinics under We Care India offer a range of monthly finance options to help the people so that they can make their vision correction treatment affordable. These eye clinics or hospitals will provide options with a 10% or 20% initial deposit, and you can spread the payments over up to 3 years in easy installments and some hospitals and clinics under We Care India have payment plans which are interest-free.

b) Side-effects of surgery: After laser eye surgery you may experience some side effects. For example, you could find that your eyes are dry after the treatment. However, the same will be healed as your surgeon will give you eye drops which will provide you relief. You could also find that you experience some glare or halo effect. These effects will typically reduce in the first month after your laser eye treatment and will continue to improve over the first three months. If you experience any other side effects of laser eye surgery and have any concerns, you can always contact to the representative of We care India, they will happy to help you at any point of time.

c) The risk with laser eye surgery: As we all know that the surgeries are associated with some risks, similarly there are some risks associated with laser eye surgery as well. However, complications with laser eye surgery are rare, and they can be corrected by performing further surgery. The risk of complications with laser eye surgery is minimized even by choosing a world-class eye hospital with the very best ophthalmic surgeons. We offer all the patients across the globe with comprehensive aftercare to ensure best results, and we offer a 24/7 support after the surgery as well. You can contact us anytime via email, call, or chat and we will be there for you to help you.

Medical conditions impact the Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

In addition to the cons of the laser eye surgery, there are some medical conditions that can impact your laser eye treatment and these are as follows:

  • Dry eye syndrome this can get worse after laser eye surgery treatment.
  • The photosensitivity becomes worse after the laser eye surgery due to large pupil size.
  • The generative corneal condition which is keratoconus or a family history of this condition can be adjusted with other surgical procedures but it will disqualify you from laser eye surgery treatment.
  • Thin corneas of your eyes which are not inherently bad or disabling, but it requires to remove the layers of cells is not a good approach to correct the vision.
  • High levels of refractive error such as extreme nearsightedness or farsightedness, as it may be too difficult to bring the cornea into alignment to get the normal vision.
  • Pregnancy, hormonal conditions, or any other medications which are used to adjust hormones can change your vision.

How to Choose the Best Eye hospital for Laser Eye Surgery?

Nowadays it become easy to find the best hospitals for the laser eye treatment as you can search through the internet about the eye surgeon qualification, experience, success rates, number of surgeries he/she performed, cost of the treatment etc. or you can also seek a help from your friends or relatives who had undergone for the laser eye surgery treatment.

Laser eye surgery is the most commonly performed procedure in the world. It’s one of the safest and most effective ways to correct the vision and the surgeons at the hospitals and clinics under We Care India are the leaders in the laser eye surgery treatment. The surgeons at these hospitals or clinics offer custom laser eye surgery treatment, a procedure which is more customized to your individual eyes. This is the reason that people in larger number visit the hospitals or clinics under We Care India for the laser eye treatment as these are the best hospitals which take proper care of each individual.