Workers of the Central Government, whose children are conceived through surrogate, will now be eligible for maternity leave, according to the official request of the employee service.The benefits of maternity surrender paid to laborers can be up to 26 weeks (approximately 180 days).In connection with this service, with the offices of all Central Government, the Delhi High Court has arranged on this issue in 2015.

The Task Force service has said in all its recent rights that “all the services / divisions have been educated to give a detailed status to their respect towards the respective authorities.”With the court verdict, a teacher from Kendriya Vidyalaya requested that there was a twin through surrogate, but so far the maternity leave was not denied because he was not a natural mother.

The court had said, “A woman worker, who is a dispatching mai, will be eligible for application for maternity leave.”Earlier, in the light of the material, the equipped experts will decide for the planning and for that period, for which maternity leave should be allowed by an authorized mother who embraces the surrogacy course, the court said.

This test will be done on a quick and point basis, when a female representative is looked for a vacation, which is called an authorized mother in the pre-delivery phase.

Comments: – If maternity leave falls in pre-delivery stage, then expert expert tries to gain the benefits of maternity leave by any female candidate, regardless of any kind in relation to the material, passed a systematic arrangement to obey it. The court said, the court said.In such a situation where both the appointment mothers and surrogate mothers are laborers, who are usually qualified to leave (on one land they are an authorized mother and the other is that she is a pregnant woman), the appropriate modification made by the furnished expert, That said.