Is Bariatric Surgery in India Safe?

Bariatric Surgery India

Yes, Bariatric Surgery in India is a safe procedure.

This is a surgery which has almost a 100% survival rate. Basically, it is a cosmetic surgery which is performed to enhance your body contour. Excess weight makes look you heavy and you lose confidence because of irregular shape and fat. Not only has this but it also adversely affect your health. For many health diseases, the surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India suggests getting rid of weight by doing some dieting or exercises.

Dieting and exercise have been the best options to keep you fit, healthy and slim. But they may require a lot of patience and dedication on a daily basis but still, you are not getting the results soon. And also the dieting and exercise won’t help you to get rid of complete body fat as there are some stubborn fat which does not respond to diet and exercise and you need some extra assistance to churn the complete body fat and Bariatric Surgery is the best option which helps you in reducing the stubborn fat as well.

Types of Bariatric Surgery

The following are some common types of Bariatric Surgery in India and these are:

a) Roux-en-Y: This is often called gastric bypass surgery, and this is one of the most common methods of gastric bypass. This surgery is typically not reversible. This is a procedure in which the amount of food you eat will be decreased. Your surgeon will cuts across the top of your stomach and sealing it off from the rest of your stomach. The pouch is created in your body which is about the size of a walnut and can hold only limited food in it. Normally, about 3 pints of food can be held by your stomach. Then, your surgeon will cut the small intestine and sews part of it directly onto the pouch. The food will go into a small pouch of stomach and then directly into the small intestine.

b) Gastric banding: Your surgeon will perform this procedure by using laparoscope which is less invasive and the only adjustable reversible obesity surgery available. At the time of gastric banding procedure, your surgeons will place an inflatable silicone band around your upper stomach to create a new, smaller stomach pouch which limits the food you intake and the progression into the stomach and intestines will be slow down. You feel full sooner while eating less amount of food and will be able to lose up to 40-60% of your body weight over 3 to 4 years.

This is an adjustable band; you can add or remove fluid from the band’s interior through a small port which will be placed in the patient’s skin. Your surgeon can adjust this band and you experience minimal discomfort. If there is a requirement to remove the band then your stomach will return to its original form and function.

c) Sleeve gastrectomy: This is a surgery in which around 60 to 70% of the stomach is removed and you need to restrict the amount of food you consume at one time. This procedure is similar to the gastric banding procedure; where you need to intake the restricted amount of food. In this procedure also you can lose up to 40-60% of their excess body weight over 18 months. Unlike gastric banding surgery, this surgery is permanent.

d) Bilio-Pancreatic Duodenal Switch Surgery: This is another type of gastric bypass surgery in which around 80% of your stomach is removed. The food which is released from the valve to the small intestine remains there only with a limited portion of the small intestine which connects to the stomach. This is a surgery which bypasses the majority of the intestine by connecting the end portion of the intestine to the duodenum near the stomach. With the help of this surgery the amount of food you eat can be limited and also there will be a reduction in the absorption of nutrients. This is a very effective procedure of weight loss surgery but it has more risks which include malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies. Generally, the surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India recommend this surgery to the people who have a body mass index greater than 50.

e) Revision Endoscopic Surgery: It has been found that dietary modification and lifestyle go hand in hand with bariatric surgery to achieve the success of the treatment in the long term. In some cases, people undergo for the revision bariatric surgery to remove a malfunctioning band, revise a laparoscopic Sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass surgeries. The hospitals under We Care India provide both surgical and endoscopic procedures to the patients who may need revision bariatric surgery for regaining their body weight or malfunctioning previous bariatric surgery.

How much time will be taken to recover after Bariatric Surgery?

You need to stay at least for 2 to 5 days in the hospital after bariatric surgery or longer if complications develop. It has been found that the patients who had undergone laparoscopic bariatric surgery usually stay for a shorter in the hospital.

When you shifted to normal ward then your nurse will be closely monitoring you and they keep a regular check on your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and respiration. Your nurses will help you to perform some deep breathing exercises, leg movement exercises, coughing, and how to get out of bed. With the help of these activities, you can prevent some of your complications. If your nurse found any of the symptoms of anxiety, muscle spasms, nausea, increased pain or shortness of breath, etc. they will immediately call the doctor for further investigations.

How much does the Bariatric Surgery cost in India?

The cost of bariatric surgery in India is very reasonable but it depends on the type of procedure you choose to lose your weight, also the location and hospital you choose. The average cost of Bariatric Surgery in India ranges from USD 3,000 to USD 4,000 which is quite reasonable as compared to the Bariatric Surgery cost in other developing countries.