Birthmark Removal In India

images (35)When a child is born, there are times when marks are found in various areas of the body. These are known as birthmarks, which can vary in color, shape and size. They can appear right at birth, or become more visible a short time later. Birthmarks can fade over time, and some can be permanent. Some are unnoticeable, and others can be bothersome to individuals. Having birthmarks in more conspicuous areas can possibly lower one’s self-esteem and self-confidence in their appearance. Birthmark removal offers a solution to these individuals.

There are various types of birthmarks and there are various options in how they can be removed, including laser surgery or surgical excision. While birthmarks can be removed in order to enhance appearance and improve self-esteem, they may also be removed in order to reduce the possibility of health risks from occurring. The method used for removal depends upon the type of birthmark and the severity of its condition.

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There are three major types of birthmark in India : –

  • Vascular Birthmarks: Vascular birthmarks are one of the most common types of birthmarks and are often known as ‘port-wine stains’. They can be found on all areas of the body and typically will not fade or disappear over time.
  • Macular Birthmarks: Macular birthmarks are sometimes known as salmon patches and are flat, normally light pink patches of skin. They are most commonly found on the neck and eyelids. Those on the eyelids tend to fade over time, however the marks on the neck tend not to.
  • Pigmentation Birthmarks: Pigmentation birthmarks are where the skin has too much colour or pigment. Pigmentation birthmarks include some moles, or brown or cream coloured patches of skin. These marks normally fade over time.

What causes moles ?

  • Some people are born with moles. Other moles appear over time.
  • Sun exposure seems to play a role in the development of moles and may even play a role in the development of atypical, or dysplastic, moles.
  • The role of heredity cannot be underemphasized. Many families have a type of mole known as dysplastic (atypical), which can be associated with a higher frequency of melanoma or skin cancer.

There are few methods by which a birthmark is removed. That depends largely on their size, type and location.

Laser therapy is one of the methods used, especially for superficial skin lesions. Laser energy targeted at a specific location causes the skin to fade and become lighter. In a case of port wine stain the laser makes it smaller and prevents from growing further. Laser treatments can be performed at any age, but sometimes several treatments are required.

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Surgery is another method used for birthmarks, which cannot be removed by using laser. One example is hemangioma which is too large.

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Risks of mole removal methods vary from infection to anesthetic allergy and nerve damage. It is always prudent to choose a dermatologist or surgeon with appropriate skills and experience with these removals. This will decrease your risk associated with this procedure.