Azoospermia (The absence of sperm) Treatment in India -

Azoospermia is the complete absence of sperm in the semen and as such means that a man will be completely infertile. The diagnosis of azoospermia is sometimes still made even though as many as 500,000 sperm per ml of semen may have been seen because it is extremely unlikely that the man will be able to father a child naturally. In fact it is rare that a man has absolutely no sperm at all and as long as some sperm are produced it is possible nowadays to help couples through a procedure called ICSI.

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So, if the doctor says you have azoospermia make sure you ask exactly what the semen analysis results were.

Azoospermia occurs in about 2% of men in the general population. So whilst not common there are plenty of infertile men around – in the UK alone we would expect to find at least 300,000 men with azoospermia and many of these would appear extremely healthy and have no indication that any problem might exist ! In addition around 10-20% of men attending infertility centers will probably have azoospermia as well.

This means that if you and your partner have been trying for a year or more to have a baby there is an increased risk that you may have a problem.

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What is Azoospermia (Nil Sperm)?
Azoospermia is called when there is no sperm in semen. This type of semen disorder is found in approximately 3% of infertile men i.e. absent sperm. You should know that testis has two separate functions.

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  • Production of normal sperms in semen which needed for pregnancy & normal fertility.
  • The other function of testis is production of male hormones i.e. testosterone & others. So in most patients with nil sperms though semen has absent sperms still production of male hormones remains normal.

Causes of Azoospermia

There are two general causes of azoospermia: a problem with sperm production or a problem with the transport of sperm. Many different factors can contribute to either one of these causes of this condition.

Sperm Production Problems

In some instances, azoospermia is caused by a dysfunction within the testes, making it impossible for your body to produce a sufficient amount of viable sperm. The right cells must be present in the testes in order to produce sperm, while the appropriate hormones must be present in order to trigger sperm production.

Treatment of Azoospermia in india

There are a variety of ways to treat azoospermia in order to attempt to restore fertility in some individuals with this condition. Some such treatment options include:

  • removal of blockages in the duct system
  • use of medication to restore hormonal balances

While nonobstructive azoospermia is generally more difficult to treat, obstructive azoospermia can sometimes be corrected through surgery; if surgery is not successful, sperm can be harvested from the testicles via surgical sperm removal (SSR), a form of male fertility treatment that is becoming an increasingly popular form of azoospermia treatment.

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