Calf Implants Surgery In India

d.Calf Implants (Calf Augmentation) is a very popular procedure, which will create cosmetic fullness in the lower leg and can help those men and women who, even after extensive muscular development, can’t achieve the calf muscle toning they desire. Calf implants are best suited for lower leg sculpting, and also can correct muscle imbalance as a result of both physical and congenital defects (“skinny/chicken” legs, bowleggedness, clubfoot, disproportionate calf development).

We Care health Services offers detailed information about calf implants, and will explain how calf implants are commonly used to enhance the legs. Learn how calf implants are also used to correct both congenital and physical defects (Polio, Spina Bifida, Clubfoot), and create natural body curvatures helping you achieve the “perfect” body.

Many people find it difficult to develop their calf muscles, even with extensive, targeted exercise. For some individuals, no matter what they do, their lower legs remain thin and undefined.

Calf Implants Surgery India,Cost Calf Implants Surgery, Calf Augmentation, Calv ImplantsOther people have had an illness that has caused the leg muscles to appear deteriorated or under-developed.Even bodybuilders sometimes find that the well-defined calves they desire cannot be produced by exercise alone, and they elect to have calf implant surgery inorder to produce a better-balanced lower body.

The calf implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes.In the case of disease or injury, custom implants may also be made from a mold of the calf muscles. Most implants are made of pliable, but solid materials, such as silicone.They are placed above the calf muscles to enhance their appearance, giving the legs more definition and shape.


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Who Are The Best Candidates ?

Calf implants (calf augmentation) are a procedure to increase the size and shape of the calf.

Many people are dissatisfied with the shape/size of their calf muscles to the point that they avoid wearing garments that expose their legs. In these instances, even intensive exercise may not significantly enlarge the calf muscles, particularly in relation to one’s larger thigh muscles. Calf implants can also be used to correct deformities resulting from injury or nerve diseases that result in muscle deterioration. Such deformities include, polio, club foot, spina bifida. Calf implants using solid, soft silicone implants addresses these problematic areas.

The Various Types of Calf Implants Surgery in India

Calf implants come is various sizes, shapes and textures and are made of solid silicone. These implants have been in use for over 50 years and do not leak and are proven safe. During your consultation, your surgeon will show you the options and help you make an informed decision with which method, size and shape of implant would best suite your needs.

The Risks Associated With Calf Implants

Each cosmetic surgery procedure carries a certain amount of risk, as does all surgery. Your surgeon will discuss the possible risks and complications of your surgery and will answer any questions you may have about those risks. Possible calf implant surgery risks include implant shifting and infection.

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Who Benefits from Calf Implant Procedures ?

Any individual unhappy with the look of his or her calves will benefit from a calf implant procedure. However, these procedures go well beyond the mental outlook of a patient and enhanced self-confidence. Calf implants are also commonly used for individuals who have suffered from muscular injuries or deterioration such as those caused by polio, spina bifida, and accidents. Individuals wishing to achieve a more balanced look between lower and upper leg body sculpture find this type of procedure ideal.

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