Cornea Transplant in India – A procedure to restore the lost eyesight

Cornea Transplant India

Cornea Transplant in India is the procedure in which your eye surgeons at the network hospitals under We Care India, the medical tourism company will replace the diseased cornea by the donated cornea graft or tissue. Your eye surgeon will perform the surgery in total with penetrating keratoplasty and also in part with lamellar keratoplasty. This is a procedure in which your eye surgeon will place a clear healthy corneal by removing the diseased opaque cornea which helps in restoring your lost eyesight which permits the light rays to enter with the help of the clear transplanted cornea.

How the eye surgeons perform the Cornea Transplant in India procedure?

The Cornea Transplant in India is a surgical process which does not require any hospitalization and your eye surgeons will perform this procedure under general anesthesia. Before transplanting the donor corneas your eye surgeon will thoroughly examine the tissues so that there will be no complications after the Cornea Transplant in India. Your eye surgeon will give you an injection into your eyes to control the continuous blinking and eye movement. To numb your eyes your eye surgeon can also use the eye drops.

Firstly, your eye surgeon will examine your concerned area to understand the requirement of the size of the donor tissue. After that, your surgeon will remove a similarly shaped button part of the tissue from your affected cornea and then they will place a similarly shaped button from the donor tissue. This button is then sutured into a proper place and after that, your surgeon will cover your eye with a plastic shield to protect it from being rubbed.

Recovery from Cornea Transplant India

The total recovery from the Cornea Transplant India will take up to a year or longer and your eye surgeon will restrict the hard exercises, lifting of heavy objects etc. for several weeks after the Cornea Transplant India. Your stitches will be removed within 3 to 15 months, depending on the health of your eye and the rate of healing.

Cornea Transplant India Post-operative recovery

Once the Cornea Transplant India procedure is completed your eye surgeon will advise you to follow the following instructions to achieve the successful results of the treatment and these are:

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes or press your eye.
  • Avoid excessive and hard exercises such as gym, aerobics, swimming, twisting etc.
  • Use the eye drops which is prescribed by your eye surgeon.
  • Wear the glasses to protect your eyes from dust.
  • Before driving you to need to confirm with your eye surgeon.

Chances of vision after Cornea Transplant India

After the Cornea Transplant India, procedure vision is the most important thing and this varies a great deal as it continues to change for many months. There are patients for whom the vision may be poor in starting and gradually improve or be very good immediately after the Cornea Transplant India and then it became worse. It could take up to a year to develop a good and stable vision.

The more severe the cornea is, the more likely it is to see a dramatic improvement immediately after the transplantation. The dramatic changes occur when your bulging and distorted cone is replaced with a new smooth donor graft. In some cases, the vision developed in a good way while the sutures are still in place, however, the best and most stable vision usually occurs when your eye surgeon will remove the sutures. The removal of suture occurs at different times for different patients and it mainly depends on the rate of healing, which has been found faster in younger people as compare to the older ones. According to the study, sutures are removed within 3 to 15 months after the Cornea Transplant India for the majority of cornea patients.

Success Rates and the cost of the Cornea Transplant India

Cornea Transplant India is a very successful procedure at all the network hospitals under We Care India, the medical tourism company and it is regarded as the highly successful organ transplant surgery in India. The success rate of the Cornea Transplant India mainly depends on the extent and nature of the injury to the eye. The success rate of the cornea transplantation with Keratoconus is around 90%, 75% with Fuchs’ Dystrophy and around 65-75 % with corneal scarring.

The cost of the Cornea Transplant India is also very reasonable and can be easily afforded by the people of every class. India is a country which is known for its healthcare infrastructure with the latest and advanced technologies and this is the reason that people across the world prefer India for medical treatments.

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