Epi-LASIK is a safe, effective and permanent procedure.
You can expect making a safe LASIK procedure even safer.
A unique blade-less instrument called the epikeratome separates the epithelium to make a flap.

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Advantages of Epi-LASIK in India

A better option for those with dry eye problems. A better option than LASIK for those with thin corneas. Many patients who have thin corneas are now candidates for laser vision correction.

Epi-LASIK provides a more predictable outcome after wavefront-guided laser treatments according to studies. Epi LASIK is an option for those who do not want any marks on the cornea.

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Recovery when compared to LASIK

However, the visual recovery [time for office attendance], perhaps 3-4 days, is not as rapid as LASIK [2 days]. The minimal discomfort can last for 24 to 36 hours compared to 6 hours for LASIK.

Procedure day expectations in India

You will arrive at the laser centre about half an hour prior to your procedure. The area around your eyes will be cleaned and a sterile drape is applied around them. Anaesthetic eye drops will be used to numb your eyes; no injection, pad or stitch is used. When your eye is completely numb, a soft clip will gently keep the eyelids open.

During the procedure you may feel a little pressure, but no pain. You will be asked to look directly at a target light during the laser procedure.

The procedure takes about 10-15 minutes of which the laser treatment itself will be completed in a few seconds. An extended-wear soft contact lens shield is placed on the eye, which will be in place for 3-4 days.

Your vision will probably be a little blurry at first, so someone will need to drive you home. You should relax for the rest of the day since you may experience some discomfort. This can be alleviated with a simple pain reliever. Some people experience sensitivity to light and watering or swelling of their eyes for a day or two following their procedure.

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