Why Glaucoma Treatment in India  is Performed?

glaucoma surgery

Glaucoma Treatment in India is one of the conditions associated with the human eyes. Glaucoma is a group of eye disorders and is characterized by a continuous impairment to the optic nerve. This unhurriedly loss of the nerve tissue direct causes vision loss and also leads to blurred vision. Glaucoma is one of the common eye disorders that set off permanently eye loss or blindness.

There are two types of Glaucoma – Open-angle and closed-angle glaucoma; these both kinds of glaucoma are associated to an increased intraocular fluid heaviness in the eye, this in turn harms the optic nerve.

Given below complete information about Glaucoma Treatment in India performed by the experts of world-class eye-specialists of We Care India- a leading eye –centre of India.  This article, in addition will let the readers know about why India is preferred destination for the glaucoma treatment. Come let’s gather more information on the subject of Glaucoma Treatment India.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Glaucoma?

The signs and symptoms that have been associated with glaucoma disease may vary from one patient to another and it mainly depends on the type of glaucoma that the people are suffering from. The symptoms of open-angle and closed-angle glaucoma are quite different. In the case you are dealing with open-angle glaucoma then you may experience a gradual loss of peripheral vision that primarily affects both your eyes at the same time. In case you reached the advanced stage of open-angle glaucoma disease then you may even have tunnel i.e. narrowed vision.

In case you are dealing with closed-angle glaucoma disease then you may experience the following signs and symptoms and these are:

  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Severe pain in the glaucoma eye
  • Vision problems, especially in dim light
  • Redness in the glaucoma eye
  • The halo-like glow around the affected eye

How Glaucoma Disease Can be Diagnosed?

It is easy for the surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India to diagnose glaucoma disease; however, the correct condition of your eye will be diagnosed on the basis of the experience of the ophthalmologist.

India is a country where eye care is globally renowned primarily because of the extensive experience and skills possessed by the best ophthalmologists. The eye hospitals under We Care India have associated themselves with the leading experts in the field of eye care and these hospitals are equipped with the latest technology that has been used for diagnosis and treatment of eye-related conditions.

The procedure for the diagnosis of glaucoma disease is the same in India and other developed countries. During your routine check-up with a specific set of symptoms, your eye surgeon first uses an eye drop to dilate your pupil. This is done before testing the affected eye for vision.

After that, your ophthalmologist will check your optic nerve and identify whether your optic nerve looks the way how it typically looks in the case of glaucoma. If required then your eye surgeon will take some photographs of your optic nerve to keep a check on the future progress of your eye condition.

Your eye surgeon will also perform tonometry and visual field test so that they can check for the fluid pressure inside your eye and can also identify if there are any other problems that have been associated with the peripheral vision.

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Glaucoma Treatment in India

India is a country where each individual can avail the best glaucoma treatment at multi-specialty or eye care hospitals under We Care India. We have tie-ups with renowned eye hospitals where we have advanced infrastructure and treatment facilities for all the people across the globe.

The eye surgeon will use the approach for treatment that mainly depends on the type of glaucoma you have. In the case you are dealing with open-angle glaucoma then the eye surgeon will treat your case on an emergency basis where they will first give you medication to reduce the pain in your eye.

Another procedure which is known as iridotomy will be conducted by your eye surgeon to reduce the pressure inside your eye. While performing iridotomy procedure your eye surgeon will create a hole in your eye to make the fluid enter the optical drainage system. This way the pressure inside your eye is relieved.

Generally, the eye surgeons perform this procedure on both the eyes even when only one of them is affected. The eye surgeon performs this procedure on both the eyes because sooner or later it spreads to the other eye as well in the case of open-angle glaucoma.

The glaucoma treatment for closed-angle includes the use of the following strategies and these are:

a) Eye Drops: Your eye surgeon first use the eye drops to treat your eye with glaucoma. However, there are chances that eye drops may sometimes cause a few side effects such as changes in the color of the eye, redness, retinal detachment and stinging sensation.

b) Trabeculoplasty: This is a surgical procedure which is performed with the help of a laser. During this surgery, your eye surgeon will use a laser beam to clear the drainage passage so that all the excess fluid inside your eye can be eliminated easily.

c) Viscocanalostomy: This is also a surgical procedure in which your eye surgeon will open the channels inside your eye manually to improve drainage of the fluid. Generally, eye surgeons will perform this procedure when laser surgery fails to achieve desirable results.

d) Aqueous Shunt Implant: This procedure is mainly used to treat the eye condition of children where eye surgeon uses a tiny silicone tube which is attached to the eye to drain excess fluid and reduce pressure inside the eye.

e) Cyclophotocoagulation: This is a procedure which usually targets the middle layer of your eye that produces fluid inside the eye. The eye surgeons perform this procedure to reduce the production of the fluid inside your eye.

How Much does the Glaucoma Surgery Cost India?

Glaucoma Surgery Cost India is very reasonable which ranges from USD 1500 to USD 5000 depending on the procedure you opt to treat the condition of your eye. Glaucoma treatment is usually covered by health insurance companies.

If you are the one who is looking for the best glaucoma treatment in india then visit the hospitals under We Care India and get operated your eye by the best surgeons at an economical cost.

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