Infertility and Men: What You Should Know


It is important to know that when a couple is unable to conceive a baby after a year or more it could be due to male infertility. In fact, male infertility is just as common as female infertility and there are many people who are unaware of this. We Care India is a centre where the fertility experts will help you in exploring the exact causes and treatments to cure male infertility.

What Do You Understand By Male Infertility?

Male infertility is an issue which generally occurs because of one of three issues:

(i)    Men are unable to produce enough sperm cells.

(ii)    Men who are dealing with chronic ejaculation problems.

(iii)    The sperms which produce by men are poor in quality.

In many cases, there are no noticeable symptoms of male infertility. In fact, it has been found that many men are unaware that they are infertile until they and their partner try to conceive and unable to conceive a baby.

Causes of Male infertility

There are many potential causes due to which male infertility occurs, and sometimes the cause is unknown. The most common cause of male infertility is varicocele which is a treatable condition in which the fertility expert will treat the veins inside the scrotum that become enlarged. Other causes due to which male infertility occurs are as follows:

  • Birth defects
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Genetic disorders
  • Hormone abnormalities
  • Physical abnormalities
  • Injuries
  • Infections
  • Medications
  • Obesity

How the Male Infertility is Diagnosed?

The fertility experts at the We Care India will diagnose male infertility by performing the following:

a) Physical and Medical Examination: In this examination, your fertility expert will examine your genitals and will also ask some questions related to any inherited conditions, chronic health problems, illnesses, injuries or surgeries that could affect your fertility. Your expert might ask about your sexual habits and about your sexual development during puberty.

b) Semen Analysis: Semen samples can be obtained in a couple of different ways. You can provide a sample of your sperm by masturbating and ejaculating into a special container at your expert’s clinic. Because of some religious beliefs, most of the male members prefer an alternative method to provide their semen collection. In such cases, their semen can be collected by using a special condom at the time of their intercourse.

Once the semen sample is collected the same will be sent to a laboratory to measure the number of sperm present and also the specialist look for any abnormalities in the shape and movement of your sperm. The lab specialist will also check your semen for signs of problems such as infections.

The sperm counts often fluctuate significantly from one specimen to the next. In most of the cases, several semen analysis tests are done over a period of time to ensure the correct and accurate results. If your sperm analysis is normal then your fertility expert will recommend thorough testing of your female partner before they conduct any more male infertility tests.

c) Genetic Tests: In case your sperm concentration is extremely low then it could be assign of genetic cause. Your fertility expert will recommend a blood test which gives the clear picture that whether there are subtle changes in the Y chromosome which is a sign of a genetic abnormality.

What are the Available Treatment Options for Male Infertility?

The best available options at the We Care India to treat the male infertility are as follows:

a) Sperm Retrieval Techniques: This is a procedure in which your fertility expert will retrieve the sperms by using the advanced techniques such as TESA, PESA, and TESE. These are the minimally invasive techniques through which your fertility expert will obtain the sperm and this can be done to all those male members who had failed vasectomy reversal, obstructive azoospermia etc. Your fertility expert will give you the local anesthesia using the fine needle through which they will extract the sperms either from your Epididymis, which is known as percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA) or from Testicle, which is known as testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) and if both of these techniques are failed then your fertility expert will use the advanced technology which is known as Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE).

b) Varicocele Repair: This is a procedure which is performed by your fertility expert to improve your causes of male fertility. This is an outpatient surgical procedure and your fertility expert will perform this procedure under local or general anesthesia. He/ she will make small incisions in your abdomen and they will make this incision very close to the testicles which have been originally descended through your abdominal wall. This is a procedure which allows your fertility expert to identify the veins where varicocele is produced and the same will be cut to eliminate the blood flow to the varicocele.

c) Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART): ART is the most commonly used procedure which is known as ICSI. This is a procedure in which your fertility expert will directly inject a single sperm into each egg of your spouse for fertilization and the time when the fertilization occurs your fertility expert will place the fertilized egg into the uterus of your partner to establish the successful pregnancy and this entire procedure will take four to six weeks to complete.

Summarization of Male Infertility

Male infertility is a cause which affects 7 out of 10 couples they are unaware of this, every time the members of the family used to blame the women for not conceiving a baby, however, when they met the fertility experts and got to know that woman eggs are good enough for fertilization and it’s a man who is unable to produce the good quality of sperm or the sperm produced by him was low in count due to which a woman was unable to conceive a baby.

But now with the advancement in medical science, there are many male infertility treatments are available which help the couple to have an own baby.

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