IUI Treatment Cost In Delhi

Cost of IUI Treatment in Delhi is affordable than you think

There are certain things which you need to keep in your mind when deciding on a fertility treatment. While age, the cause of infertility, medical history etc. is among the most important factors, however, the cost is the major factor while undergoing for the fertility treatments. Some of the fertility treatments like IVF, ICSI, and Surrogacy etc. are very expensive treatments and they also have the highest success rate. IUI is also one of the most popular fertility treatments in Delhi and also this treatment has quite good success rate and the IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi is not very expensive.


What is IUI procedure?

IUI is a form of assisted conception in which the fine thin catheter is used to place the washed sperm directly into your uterus near your egg at the time of ovulation. The sperm of your husband first goes through the laboratory procedure where all the sluggish sperm are removed and your fertility expert will retain only fast moving sperm so that it will increase the number of sperm reaches to your egg which will help in increasing the chances of your successful pregnancy.

How much does IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi?

The IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi is around USD 200 only for one cycle which is very low if you compared it with any other fertility treatment and also it includes the ultrasound and other tests before IUI treatment begin. If you compare the IVF treatment cost with IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi you will find a huge difference in costs as IVF cost somewhere around USD 4500 for one cycle. So it’s easy to judge that why IUI treatment is so popular.

Factors which influence the IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi

Following are the factors which can affect the IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi:

a) Number of Cycles: You are charged for per IUI cycle, so more cycle means an increase in the IUI Treatment Cost in Delhi. The most important factor is the women age in determining the success rates of IUI treatment. The chances of pregnancy in one cycle for women under age of 35 years is around 40-50% and for women over the age of 40 years is around 20-30%. In case you have 3 failed IUI cycles then your fertility expert will recommend you the IVF treatment for better results.

b) Medication for Stimulating ovaries: The cost of IUI treatment is depend whether you required medication or injection for stimulating ovaries. Medication is much cheaper than injection for stimulating ovaries. The cost of the medicines ranges between USD 10 to USD 100 depending on the dosage you required, however, the cost of medicines during sing IUI cycle is around USD 40.

c) Injections for stimulating ovaries: Your fertility expert will recommend you the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) or Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) for stimulating eggs and the single injection will cost you around USD 10, but you may require multiple shots to boost your fertility level which can increase your cost of IUI treatment and it is possible that your IUI Charges in Delhi will go up to USD 500 for one cycle.

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