IUI Treatment in Delhi

Comprehensive Insight into IUI Treatment in Delhi

IUI Treatment in Delhi is a fertility treatment where washed sperms are placed inside the uterus of the woman while she is ovulating. It is an appropriate treatment option for couples who are under the age of 35 and want to try basic fertility treatment once before heading to advanced fertility treatments. One of the main reasons a female undergoes IUI is the inability of the male partner to produce sufficient quantity of healthy and motile sperms, which are crucial for a successful pregnancy.

We Care India is a prestigious medical tourism company in India that operates in collaboration with well-experienced fertility specialists having over 30 years of experience in providing effective IUI and other fertility treatments. They are known for providing the finest quality IUI treatment in Delhi. Our medical professionals use the latest technology and sophisticated equipment to perform various treatments. They make sure that the patients get highest quality treatment that promises higher chances of success in the treatment.


Overview of the Process of IUI treatment in Delhi

Before beginning the process of IUI treatment, several tests or ultrasound are done on the woman to ensure she is ovulating at the time of artificial insemination. In case she is not ovulating, the doctor gives her an HCG hormone injection for inducing ovulation. Once the surge in LH hormone is noticed, the doctor begins the IUI treatment procedure.

After 3 days of abstinence, the male partner is asked to provide his semen sample. The sperms received from the semen collection process are washed in order to detect the high motility sperms for insertion into the female’s uterus. Then, the selected sperms are directly injected into the uterus of the female with the aid of a thin tube.

It is not imperative to give anesthesia to the patient as it is a painless procedure and only takes a few minutes to complete. However, the patient may experience slight discomfort while undergoing IUI treatment in Delhi. Once the procedure is complete, the patient can return home the same day. After a period of two weeks, some ultrasounds and tests will be performed on the patient to confirm pregnancy. We are known for providing the best IUI treatment in Delhi.

To whom IUI Treatment is Applicable

IUI is an appropriate fertility treatment for couples whose fertility issue is not grievous and can be treated with minor fertility treatment.  IUI can help in addressing both male and female factor infertility but is usually applied when the male partner is inefficient at making high motility sperms or the sperms produced by him are not motile enough to penetrate the egg.

IUI is a suitable fertility treatment option to patients dealing with the following conditions:

  • Female having irregular ovulation
  • Female with unexplained infertility
  • Female with mild-to-moderate endometriosis
  • Female who wish to get pregnant with the aid of a sperm donor
  • Female experiencing painful intercourse
  • Male having low or poor sperm count
  • Male with poor sperm motility
  • Male having erectile dysfunction

Why it is Essential to Wash the Sperms for IUI Treatment?

Before inserting the sperms into the uterus of the female, it is important to thoroughly wash the sperms in order to find out the high motility sperms and discard the rest of the content in seminal fluid. This is done to ensure the sperm entering the uterus is of finest-quality and thus, provides higher chances of success in the IUI treatment in Delhi.

Below are some reasons for washing the sperm for IUI treatment:

  • It is done to remove the chemicals in the semen as these can have adverse reactions to the uterus.
  • Washing aids in removing the dead sperm cells, tissues, and other bacteria.
  • It aids in activating the sperm motility and removing low-motility sperms.
  • It helps in selecting the quality sperms and dumping the rest of unwanted mucus and seminal fluid surrounding the sperm.

Soaring Success Rates of IUI Treatment in Delhi

The success rate of IUI Treatment in Delhi majorly depends on the age and cause of infertility in the patient. At We Care India, the success rate of IUI treatment for women under the age of 35 is 45-55% and for women above the age of 40 years is 20-30%. We offer the highest success rates for IUI treatment in Delhi; this is the reason why patients choose us for their treatment. Our patients benefit from the great infrastructural facilities and amenities without paying much. We make sure to assist them throughout the fertility treatment and offer them immense care. They make sure that patients do not face any major difficulty during the treatment. In addition to the quality of the treatment, our team put concerted efforts in making sure that you receive success in your fertility treatment. We have highly experienced fertility doctors who accurately diagnose the cause of infertility in the patient and accordingly provide the best IUI treatment in Delhi. They make sure all our patients receive the same treatment regardless of their social class.

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