IUI Treatment in Delhi

Overview of IUI Treatment in Delhi

IUI Treatment in Delhi is a procedure where washed sperm is placed into your uterus during the time of ovulation. Before you plan for your IUI Treatment in Delhi you need to undergo for a Patency Health Test to ascertain whether your fallopian tubes are open or not. This method is especially for the couples whose infertility problems are unexplained and also this technique can be used when your husband is unable to ejaculate in your vagina due to a raft of reasons ranging from psychological issues, impotence, vaginismus or anatomic problems.


Procedure for IUI Treatment in Delhi

After a period of abstinence for 3 days to produce the optimum and healthy sperm, men jerk into a jar. The best quality of sperm is selected by your fertility expert and will be placed into your uterus by using the thin tube and the final sample will be placed into your uterus to increase the chances of your conception. There is no need for anesthesia is during IUI Treatment in Delhi. The whole procedure will takes few minutes to complete and this is a painless procedure, however, you will experience slight discomfort or a little vaginal discharge which is just the cervical mucus and can be controlled by giving some medicines.

After the procedure is completed, IUI might cause multiple pregnancies which result in twins, triplets or even quadruplets as it’s become extremely difficult for your fertility expert to control the growth of a number of follicles. According to study the IUI treatment in Delhi must only be taken under the supervision of highly skilled fertility experts in the state-of-the-art clinics to avoid the risks associated with IUI treatment.

To whom IUI treatment is recommended

The IUI treatment is recommended by fertility experts who fall under the following conditions:

  • Female who do not ovulate spontaneously
  • Female who had previous surgery on the cervix.
  • Female with unexplained infertility factor
  • Female with mild endometriosis
  • Male with low or poor sperm count
  • Male member has Motility which is less than ideal
  • Male member who are unable to get and maintain an erection

Why is it necessary to wash the sperm for IUI treatment?

The following are the factors for which it is necessary to wash the sperm for IUI treatment:

  • It removes the chemicals from the men semen which may cause an adverse reaction to the uterus.
  • It also removes the pus cells
  • To help in activating the sperm motility
  • It also gets rid of mucus and seminal fluid surrounding the sperm, which may interfere with fertility.

 Success Rate of IUI treatment

The success rate of IUI Treatment in Delhi depends on the age and cause of infertility factor, however, till date the success rate of IUI Treatment in Delhi for taking the baby home is around 50-60% of women under age of 35 years and 20-30% of women over the age of 40 years. If you compare the success rate of IUI Treatment in Delhi with any other city you will find a huge difference in success rates.

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