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When a couple of plans for their parenthood, the next step they wait for their positive pregnancy test. However, this wait shatters the curiosity of some couple’s hope when they get to know that they are unable to conceive due to some medical reason.

Why Infertility Occurs in Men and Women?

There could be various reasons for this hormonal disorder, i.e. Infertility. Reasons for infertility causes are –

  1. Women or men indulged in excessive smoking habit
  2. Men or women get addicted to alcohol
  3. Women who are on the wrong side of weight (over-weight or under-weight)
  4. Delayed planning for marriage
  5. Delayed plan to get pregnant
  6. Unhealthy diet chart
  7. Pollution also causes infertility in individual
  8. Industrial side-effects (work factor, industrial chemical, etc. can also lead to male infertility)
  9. Stress and depression affect fertility in females, which in turn makes irregular ovulation and menstruation cycle.


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Hormonal changes in women also affect fertility potential, for example, if progesterone level after pregnancy is low or absent then embryo implantation does not occur and there will be a loss in pregnancy.

Infertility, in a short description, is defined as the inability to get pregnant, despite having unprotected sexual intercourse for a year.

Now the question comes, how to get rid of infertility issue or we can say, how can a couple conceive even if he or she is facing with infertility syndrome?

Infertility is that common topic, which is affecting many couples’ happiness on the way to get pregnant. When any couple faces with minor fertility issue then there are medications, which can cure the infertility condition such as ovulation induction, IUI treatment. The initial stage of infertility could also be cured by sticking on a healthy diet, maintaining the lifestyle, etc.

However, if the couple comes up with the severe issue of their infertility case like – the female is suffering from premature ovarian failure or may be facing with a blocked or damaged fallopian tube; there comes IVF treatment in Delhi.

When to consider IVF treatment in Delhi –

IVF treatment Delhi is one of the most acceptable and world-wide fertility treatments. IVF technique comes in ART methodology that treats infertility issue. Couples, who are infertile to produce their own offspring generally, settle on IVF treatment in Delhi to get to the bottom of this matter.

IVF treatment in Delhi is generally considered when–

  • A woman faces the issue of endometriosis (where endometrium grows outside of the uterus).
  • Females, who have had their fallopian tubes removed
  • Fallopian tubes damaged or blocked
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Women, who are experiencing the ovarian disorder, irregular menstruation cycle
  • Male factor Infertility (where male produces less count of sperms and also low motility)
  • Individual with a genetic disorder
  • Couples facing with unknown or unexplained explained infertility
  • Women with PCOS disorder

Step 1: Fertility Medication to the female –

  • This is the first step of IVF treatment Delhi, in which the fertility expert first visualize female’s ovaries and also monitor the exact timing of ovulation.When the fertility specialist confirms whether the female is supplying eggs from the ovaries and her hormone level are normal or not, then by the experts, fertility drugs or medication is prearranged. Fertility medications are given in order to get multiple eggs at the time of ovulation. Since we know each month, a female produces a single egg from one of the ovaries but during IVF treatment in Delhi to get the positive and more efficacious result, multiple eggs are collected during egg retrieval so that fertilization can easily take place.
  • In many of the infertility case, it is found that women (due to her increased age or any medical cause), could not lay healthy eggs at the time of egg retrieval, by this time IVF is done with donor egg.

Step 2: Collection of the eggs with a hollow needle –

  • The procedure of egg collection is a minor surgical step, where the collection of the eggs starts after giving pain medication to cut back any discomfort during this process or local anesthesia is given to the female in order to not to experience any discomfort. The experts monitor the follicles using vaginal ultrasound; eggs are retrieved from each ovary by the needle under mild suction.
  • Once the eggs are taken out from the follicular fluid, these eggs are placed in a petri dish that contains nutrient media.
  • Egg collection procedure during IVF treatment in Delhi is done only when there is confirmation about the mature eggs. Eggs, during fertility medications, are visualized and monitored carefully by transvaginal ultrasounds. As soon as the eggs are almost grown-up and ready to collect, a ‘trigger-shot’ is given. This injection is given to the female to get all the eggs in the fully-grown phase. Within 36 hours of this shot, eggs are collected.

Step 3: Fertilization–a significant phase of IVF –

  • Next action of IVF treatment in Delhi is- fertilization. Fertilization means the process, where eggs are combined with the sperms given by the male or donor. On the day of egg collection, a semen sample is also collected from the male partner and then by combining the sperm and egg on the same culture dish, fertilization happens naturally, (where motile sperm penetrates with the egg’s wall and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg).
  • If the male partner’s sperms lack the motility and average count, then at this time, fertility experts’ advice for IVF treatment in Delhi is performed with ICSI ART technique.

What happens during ICSI with IVF? During ICSI technique, a single sperm (most motile and active) chosen by the specialist, is directly injected into each egg (that has been retrieved at the time of egg collection). ICSI is one of the advanced forms of IVF and increases the chances of fertilization when the sperm lacks the potential to penetrate my own.

Step 4: Embryo Transfer and Implantation –

  • Embryo transfer is one of the most crucial steps and requires an experienced team of fertility veterans to perform this procedure.
  • Once the egg gets fertilized with the sperm, this combination is known as fertilized eggs and within 3-4 days of fertilization, these fertilized eggs become the embryo. Now, fertility experts on the fourth or fifth day of fertilization (blastocyst stage), handpicked two of the best embryo for the implantation. Once the embryo is chosen, is placed into the female’s uterus carefully.
  • With a catheter, the embryo is placed into the uterus. Within a week or so, the female has to visit the clinic for the checkups. Through checkups, it is monitored whether the embryo is successfully attached with the uterine lining or not. If the embryo gets successfully attached with the uterine wall then pregnancy soon takes place.

IVF Treatment in Delhi – A boon for several couples

If you are facing any of the issues of infertility or finding any symptom of it then you need to consult with an experienced gynecologist, asking all the problem, which you are going through. If she recommends for IVF on the basis of your infertility tests or results, then seek for the best fertility clinic and go for it. We Care India brings forth the best treatment of IVF providing the entire medications and IVF steps at a reasonable cost.

IVF success rate depends upon major factors like the age of the woman (whose eggs are used in the procedure of fertilization), sperm motility, and embryo quality. Age of the couple always plays a central role in giving the success of IVF.


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