IVF Treatment in Mumbai

Let’s Read the Inside Story of IVF Treatment in Mumbai –

Have you been suffering from infertility disorder for more than six months or one year? If yes, then it’s the right time to go and consult with your Ob/Gynaecologist. To search for best gynecologist around you, it’s better to scout out and take your time to go for the suitable and veteran doctor for your treatment because expert’s experience in solving the matter of infertility treatments always matters to get a favorable result from the specific medication

How to elucidate infertility? Infertility is that matter, which is increasing day by day affecting many couples’ happiness. When the couple is having, any minor fertility issue then there may be other medications that can cure the condition such as ovulation induction, IUI treatment, by sticking on a healthy diet etc. However, if the couple has some of the severe issues of their fertility like – the female is suffering from premature ovarian failure, has one of the fallopian removed or blocked etc. then there comes IVF treatment in Mumbai.

When to Consider IVF treatment in Mumbai –

IVF treatment Mumbai is the most acceptable treatment all over the world; those couples who are impotent to produce their own child generally prefer IVF treatment in Mumbai to get to the bottom of this issue.

IVF treatment in Mumbai is generally considered when the –

  • Female is facing the issue of endometriosis
  • Females, who have their fallopian tubes removed
  • Females, who have experienced premature ovarian failure
  • Women, who are experiencing ovarian disorder, irregular menstruation cycle
  • Male factor Infertility (where male produces less count of sperms and also low motility)
  • Individual with a genetic disorder
  • Couples facing with unknown explained infertility

Working Structure of IVF Treatment in Mumbai –

IVF Clinic Mumbai’s veteran fertility experts provide best IVF treatment in Mumbai and give the most favorable result by this medication.

IVF treatment Mumbai works on a simple and straightforward procedure; it generally involves 4-5 steps, each step is given below –

  1. Medication to suppress the female’s natural cycle
  2. Fertility medication & hormonal injections (for  at least 10-12 days)
  3. Monitoring of the follicles by using vaginal ultrasounds
  4. Egg Retrieval procedure
  5. Semen collection
  6. Fertilization by mixing the sperm and eggs on a culture dish
  7. Medication to prepare female’s uterus lining healthy(for the embryo transfer)
  8. Embryo transfer

These are all the footsteps of IVF treatment in Mumbai. IVF treatment procedure is a plain sailing process only if this treatment is performed by the crackerjack fertility team and this is the reason, why IVF treatment Mumbai is performed by the splendid hands of experts. IVF treatment Mumbai gives a high success rate in this medication.

Let’s Get Deeper into Each Step of IVF Treatment in Mumbai –

The first step of this treatment is giving the medication to the female to suppress her menstrual cycle; this medication is given to get an effective result for the second method of IVF treatment Mumbai.

Next step is giving the fertility medication & hormonal drugs to the female patient for at least 10-12 days. This medication is given in order to receive multiple eggs at the time of egg assortment. Numerous eggs are required for a healthy fertilization process.

Why multiples eggs are needed? This is because at the time of fertilization, healthy eggs are needed so the motile and active sperm penetrates with the egg and healthy fertilization happens. ‘

The female has to visit on a scheduled date for a check-up in the clinic. Doctors perform a vaginal ultrasound to monitor the eggs developing from each follicle and once the doctors confirm about the maturity level of eggs, the next step of egg obtaining procedure of IVF treatment in Mumbai.

Eggs are retrieved in a minor surgical process, where a hollow needle is inserted into the uterus. Once after collecting the eggs, they are kept on a culture dish.

Male partner’s sperm is collected and mixed with the eggs on the same culture dish for fertilization. As soon as the motile and active sperm fuses with the egg, soon that egg becomes a fertilized egg.

Within 4-5 days of fertilization, at the stage of the blastocyst (fertilized egg/ embryo) is placed into the female’s uterus at the right place.

Many clinics prefer a single embryo while some clinic’s experts put two embryos at the time of embryo transfer to get a favorable outcome.

Within a week or 14 days of fertilization, a female has to undergo some check-up or ultrasound that detects the embryo has attached with the uterine lining correctly or not. If the embryo has accurately fixed with the uterine lining, then the female is likely to have a positive pregnancy test.

This is all about IVF treatment Mumbai and its working model; at the end let’s know the benefits of IVF treatment in Mumbai.

Benefits of IVF treatment in Mumbai –

  • IVF treatment in Mumbai works when other fertility treatments fail
  • IVF method can also be done using several techniques such as ICSI, PICSI, Donor Egg, Donor sperm etc. to get a positive outcome.
  • IT increases the chances of having a healthy baby (IVF with PGD)

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