Open Heart Surgery In India

CABG – The Most Common Open Heart Surgery In india


The heart is the strongest muscle in your body bearing the responsibility for supplying oxygen and blood to the vascular system. It pumps about 5 to 8 liters of blood per minute for providing necessary nutrients to the circulatory system, which ensures the proper functioning of the heart and body. There are four chambers functioning in collaboration therein in the heart. Within this structure, the right part takes in non-oxygenated blood from the body and passes it to the lungs, and the left side pumps oxygenated blood to the body.

When there is a hindrance in the proper flow of oxygen to your heart, it can cause serious problems in the overall functioning of your body and can often lead to a heart attack. Therefore, it is important to undergo heart bypass surgery that aids in increasing the supply of blood and oxygen to your heart. We have well-experienced cardiac surgeons with over 30 years of performing different open heart surgeries with efficacy at a reasonable open heart surgery cost in India.

CABG or coronary artery bypass graft is the most frequently performed open heart surgery in India. It is done when the patient is having coronary artery disease in which the coronary arteries contract due to plaque build-up, which obstructs the supply of blood and oxygen to your heart. In CABG, a normally functioning blood vessel is taken from the other parts of your body and is connected to the blocked arteries. It helps in rechanneling and improving blood flow to your heart muscle.

At We Care India, we work in collaboration with cardiac surgeons and specialists having substantial expertise in effectively executing open heart surgery in India. They have provided various successful heart surgeries to patients who have undergone coronary artery bypass graft surgery at hospitals associated with our medical tourism company in India.. Our team makes sure that you receive finest quality open heart surgery and continue your life with an effectively functioning heart after the surgery.

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CABG Procedure in India

CABG is performed when the patient suffers from acute chest pain due to the narrowing of the blood vessels that supply blood to your heart muscle. This surgery is done when the other procedure such as angioplasty hasn’t proved to be successful. Our heart specialists carefully assess the patient’s condition before operating them for CABG and make sure that the surgery results in success. We also provide open heart surgery at Delhi and provide our patients the most affordable open heart surgery cost in Delhi.


The process of CABG takes about six hours to complete. Before beginning the surgical process, the patient is given anesthesia to make him irreceptive of the pain caused in the surgery. While the patient is unconscious, a large incision measuring around 8 inches is made in the centre of the chest. The surgeon cuts through the rib cage to expose the heart.

Then, the surgeon takes a part of the vein from another part of your body such as the leg and creates a new path to the heart muscle for the effective supply of oxygen and blood. This bypass or new supply of blood is redirected in the vicinity of narrowed coronary artery and into the heart muscle. The surgeon may have to perform several bypasses in case of different blockages. There are various types of bypass surgery such as single bypass, double bypass, triple bypass, quadruple bypass, etc.

Rebounding After Open Heart Surgery In India

Once the surgical procedure is complete, our Critical Care Unit (CCU) of the concerned hospital at We Care India will help the patient eradicating the impact of anesthesia by transferring them to the recovery room. It is essential to put the patient under critical care and continuous observation. Meanwhile, the patient is tranquilized and continues to breathe with the assistance of a ventilator.

Then, chest tubes are placed inside the chest for draining out the accumulated blood and other fluids in the vicinity of your heart. The next step is to insert Swan-Ganz (a thin tube placed on the right side of heart). This IV (Intravenous Therapy) enables the doctor to assess various important functions and inject medicinal fluids into your heart.

After the effect of anesthesia drugs is gone, the doctor extubates the patient and he no longer needs support for breathing. Then, supplement oxygen is given to the patient to help him breathe. The patient’s breathing ability will be tracked constantly and if the breathing problem persists, the patient may again be operated for the purpose of placing a breathing tube.

When the patient has regained their normal breathing levels, they are suggested to perform minor physical activities in a manner that would help reduce pain and discomfort and safeguard the surgical site. Meanwhile, pain killers and other medicines are given to make the patient non-receptive of the post-surgical pain.

An open heart surgery patient will be required to spend a day or two in a healing atmosphere of the Critical Care Unit. A lot of patients have reported experiencing substantial relief in their heart condition after undergoing the CABG surgical process at our network hospitals.

Feasible Cost of Open Heart Surgery in India

We Care India offers the most sensible price range for open heart surgery in India with the assistance of highly experienced cardiologists and surgeons. Our surgeons make sure to provide the finest quality treatment that helps in eradicating your heart problems. They are known for providing successful open heart surgeries at an affordable open heart surgery cost in India to the patients that have received surgical treatment at our hospitals. Apart from the assistance of certified doctors, we provide CABG surgery at a reasonable price as compared to the price of other hospitals.

We provide affordable prices for open heart surgery in India. The open heart surgery cost in Mumbai is around USD 4500 to USD 5000, which is the lowest price range that anyone can offer for open heart surgery in Mumbai. We have well-experienced cardiologists and doctors who ensure that you get the supreme quality treatment at a reasonable price. Our low prices are the reason why patients from all parts of the world choose India to get affordable open heart surgery in India.

Open heart surgery cost in Delhi ranges between USD 4200 to USD 4500 that includes charges of all the necessary steps that take place during the process. Also, we do not compromise with the quality of the treatment for compensating the low cost. Our cardiac surgeons accurately assess the patient’s condition for providing the most suitable open heart surgery in India.

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