Restrictive and Malabsorptive Procedure in India

The Silastic Ring Gastric Bypass is a banded pouch RYGBP. A Silastic ring is placed around the vertically constructed gastric pouch above the anastomosis between the pouch and intestinal Roux limb. The band controls stomach size by prevention of dilatation of the gastric pouch outlet, and is thought to provide better long-term control of the rate of emptying of the pouch and caloric intake. This procedure also includes placement of a gastrostomy tube for decompression of the distal stomach. A radio-opaque ring marker may be placed around the gastrostomy site to facilitate future percutaneous access to the distal stomach.

33444Gastric Bypass is Malabsorptive Surgery in India

Unlike less drastic bariatric procedures such as stomach banding which only reduce stomach-size, gastric bypass is designed to reduce absorption of calories. Hence it is commonly referred to as malabsorptive surgery.

Gastric Bypass and Nutritional Deficiency in India

Because many important nutrients (eg. iron and calcium) are absorbed in the bypassed section of the digestive system, nutritional deficiency is one of the main post-operative risks of gastric bypass operations. As a result, patients typically need to follow a lifelong program of nutritional supplementation to maintain good health.

Gastric Bypass Offers Significant Weight Loss

Stomach bypass surgery typically produces significant post-operative weight reduction, and is therefore a highly effective treatment for clinical or morbid obesity. Bypass patients typically lose 66 percent of their pre-operative excess weight within two years. In one patient study (125 subjects), excess weight loss of 74 percent at one year, 78 percent at two years, 81 percent at three years, 84 percent at four years, and 91 percent at five years was achieved. Malabsorption-type surgeries typically are more effective for weight loss than restrictive procedures like gastric banding.

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Post-Operative Patient Compliance Essential in India

Like all types of bariatric surgery, gastric bypass can only achieve successful weight reduction if the patient adheres to the eating and exercise guidelines issued by their weight loss surgeon. Even though malabsorptive surgery like gastric bypass is more compulsive than gastric banding, thus making it more difficult for patients to “cheat”, some patients are unable or unwilling to change their diet or fitness levels. In such cases, weight loss is only temporary and much of it will be regained.

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