Things to Consider Before You Undergo a Hip Replacement Surgery in India

hip replacement surgery in india

Hip replacement is a surgery done to replace the deteriorating or damaged hip joint with an artificial one. The surgery is performed to treat and cure the debilitating hip pain caused due to a fracture or conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, traumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Hip replacement surgery is done when the aforementioned conditions make it difficult for the patient to walk, sit on a chair, or perform all the other activities that require hip movement. In some of the severe conditions, it becomes difficult for the patient to even rest properly.
This surgery is executed on the patient who did not receive benefits from the medications and other supporting mechanisms provided to the patients as a result of their painful conditions. Hip replacement surgery is the only viable option that will help in providing relief to the patient and help them live a pain-free life. It is one of the most extensively performed surgeries performed in India after knee replacement surgery. The surgery is a safe and efficacious surgical process performed at the best network hospitals provided by our medical tourism company.
At We Care India, we have well-experienced orthopedic surgeons having adequate experience in providing the best-quality hip replacement surgery in India. Our surgeons perform the best course of hip replacement for providing relief to the patients and offer the best treatment for restoring the normal functioning of their hip joint. Before undergoing hip replacement surgery in India, there are some factors that a person should keep in mind for improving the effectiveness of their surgery and preparing themselves for the surgery.
Below are some of the most important things that a person should consider before undergoing hip replacement surgery in India.

Maintain a perfect body before the hip replacement surgery

It is advisable to reach your desired healthy body weight before you undergo the surgery as it will aid in speedy recovery from the hip replacement surgery. The patient should lose or gain weight according to the healthy weight requirements and build their overall strength by adopting a healthy diet. Recovery will become easier for the person with a good weight and they will be easily able to walk with the help of crutches or walkers.

The surgery is for everyone and not just the elderly

Earlier, the hip replacement surgery was only performed for the old-age people to treat problems such as arthritis, but nowadays, this surgery is done to repair the damaged hip joint due to injury or accident. The damaged hip joint can cause severe pain and even a young age people may have to go under a hip replacement surgery in order to get relief from the debilitating pain.

Understand about the surgical process

Before making headway towards the operation room, the patient is advised to understand the whole procedure and get acquainted with all the procedures that take place during the surgery. You can check the websites of famous hospitals in order to effectively understand the procedure of hip replacement surgery in India.

You need assistance during the recovery phase

After surgery, someone has to be there with the patient for helping in performing everyday minor tasks. During the recovery time, the patient is not allowed to do exercise, or engage in any type of household activities, cleaning, driving, etc. Rigorous activities can stretch the recovery period or sometimes may hinder effective joint replacement, which is why the doctor recommends the patient to abstain from any type of physical activity.

Get comfortable with the crutches or walker

The patient has to use crutches or walkers after the hip replacement surgery as he will not be able to properly walk on his own. It is recommended to get your hands on the crutches or walker so that you can become comfortable regarding their usage even before the surgery. It will become easier for you to use them after the surgery once you understand what type of walker best fits your requirements.

Abstain from smoking

The patient should strictly avoid smoking even before the surgery as smoking consumption will slow down the recovery process. Smoking consumption may also cause some problems during the recovery phase. The patient who smokes faces difficulty recovering from the surgery as compared to the patient who does not.

Get advice from a physical therapist

There are some exercises that the patient should learn from a physical therapist. The right set of exercises will help in a speedy and fast recovery for the patient. The patient can learn to perform these exercises before the surgery so that he can easily perform them after the hip replacement surgery.
We Care India is a prominent medical tourism company in India having the best orthopedic surgeons with over three decades of experience in offering various successful hip replacement surgeries in India. They make sure that the patient receives the best treatment and lives a normal pain-free life.