Tubal ligation reversal is a surgical procedure that restores fertility to women after a tubal ligation. By rejoining the separated segments of fallopian tube, tubal reversal gives women the chance to become pregnant again naturally. This delicate surgery is best performed by a reproductive surgeon with specialized training and experience in the techniques of tubal ligation reversal.

Women who have had tubal ligations sometimes regret their decision and desire fertility in the future. There are 2 options for fertility after tubal ligation, tubal reversal surgery and in vitro fertilization – IVF. Both of these are reasonable options and how the woman chooses to proceed should be based on an educated consideration of the pros and cons of each.

Most women have their tubes tied before they leave the hospital after they deliver a baby, or they come in for tubal ligation by laparoscopy which is an outpatient surgical procedure done through a scope that goes through the belly button.

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Tubal reversal surgery usually requires a laparotomy which is a much larger incision on the abdomen usually approximately 4 to 6 inches in length. Since the skin and all the muscles and other tissues of the abdominal wall must be cut through there is considerably more discomfort and a much longer recovery time following the surgery as compared to a laparoscopic surgery such as with a tubal ligation.

What Are The Success Rates of Tubal Ligation Reversal?

Several factors play a key role in the success rate of tubal ligation reversal. These include :

  • The type of tubal ligation procedure originally performed
  • The age of the woman at the time she seeks tubal ligation reversal, women over 40 should discuss their personal chances of achieving success with their health care provider before choosing tubal ligation reversal
  • The amount of damage caused by the original tubal ligation procedure directly correlates to the possible success of the tubal reversal procedure.

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Tubal Reversal Procedures Treatment in india

Before your health care provider can advise you about the potentialfor successful tubal ligation reversal, you will need to provide him with all the facts and records from your tubal ligation procedure. The type of tubal ligation procedure used will determine the best procedure for tubal reversal, and have a major impact on your chance of success.

The tubal ligation reversal procedure uses microsurgery to rejoin the two remaining sections of the fallopian tubes. Certain factors have a direct effect on the potential for a successful tubal reversal procedure. Because the fallopian tube’s diameter varies from one end to the other, the best chance for success occurs when the diameters of the two remaining sections of fallopian tube are almost identical. In cases where the two remaining ends of the tubes are of different diameter (for example, a narrow end of tube close to the uterus is being connected to a wider end near the end of the fallopian tube), success rates for pregnancy are lower.

Am I a Candidate for Tubal Reversal?

Not all women who have had a tubal ligation will be able to have the procedure reversed. During your initial assessment for the procedure, your fertility specialist will examine the current health of your fallopian tubes, most likely through laparoscopy. She will also look over the surgery and pathology reports from when you originally had the procedure done.

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Your specialist will also consider the following factors : –

  • How your tubal ligation was done (whether your fallopian tubes were cut, tied, cauterized or non-surgically blocked)
  • At what point in your fallopian tubes the sterilization took place
  • Just how much of your fallopian tube is left
  • How healthy your fallopian tubes are
  • Your age


After the Surgery

After the surgery, you will have to remain in the hospital overnight. This is in order to recover from the anesthetic and to make sure that no complications arise. Some women end up staying in the hospital for up to five days, but this depends upon the speed of your recovery. Total tubal ligation reversal recovery time is usually between four and six weeks.

Tubal reversal surgery is fairly common and is very safe. However, as with any surgical procedure, there is a risk that complications may arise. These complications may include:

  • internal or external bleeding
  • infection at the incision site
  • damage or infection in the surrounding organs
  • allergic reactions to anesthetic

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