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Patient Story

Successful heart surgery at We Care India partner hospital allows Robert Clarke to live a normal life despite a rare genetic disorder We Care india helped Robert find best super specialised surgeon for his rare condition.

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Vascular Surgery in india

Sclerotherapy Surgery in india

Sclerotherapy, also known as injection sclerotherapy, is a process in which the surgeon injects chemicals to irritate and scar the veins to prevent them from carrying blood. Sclerotherapy does not disturb the circulation process. Blood returns to the heart through other veins, and the body eventually absorbs the destroyed veins.

Vascular surgeons at we Care Health services have found that varicose veins do not typically respond well to sclerotherapy. Stripping, phlebectomy, and ablation are more effective vein removal procedures. Sclerotherapy is also used to treat spider veins.

Spider veins (telangiectasias) are small purple to red blood vessels often visible on the leg, ankle or foot. Occasionally, spider veins will appear on the face. The cause is unknown, but heredity plays a strong role in the development of this condition. These should not be confused with varicose veins, which are larger, deeper veins that are usually lumpy and sometimes deeper purple in color. Varicose veins may sometimes cause leg discomfort, whereas spider veins are usually pain free.

Spider Vein Treatment in india

The oldest and most common treatment for spider veins on the legs is sclerotherapy. This involves injection of a sclerosing agent into the veins, which irritates the vessels, causing them to scar and become less noticeable. Some surgeons use a concentrated (hypertonic) saline solution, while others use different sclerosing agents. Often, the veins do not actually go away, but become less visible because of the reaction around the walls of the vein. The injections may sting a bit, especially if saline is used, but the discomfort does not last long.

Another treatment which is sometimes effective is the use of a laser. This is especially true in the facial area, where the laser may be the preferred method of treatment.

vascular surgery in india
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Injection Sclerotherapy in india

This procedure involves using a fine needle to inject a sclerosant( liquid) into these small veins. The sclerosant damages the lining of the veins and causes it to collapse. The veins and then reabsorbed by the body.

The procedure requires multiple sessions, approximately 6 to 8 weeks apart and possible side effects can be bruising, hyperpigmentation and inflammation. This procedure is performed in the clinic with topical anesthetic cream, takes about 30-45 minutes and there is no downtime. Normal activity can be resumed immediately. About 10-20% of these spider veins may never disappear even after treatment. If the spider veins reappear, it is usually a result of underlying venous reflux and as a courtesy to our patients, we would recommend a thorough assessment of the entire venous system.

Injection sclerotherapy can also be performed after EVLT treatment for varicose veins to improve the aesthetic appearance of the leg, it is safe and effective. Injection sclerotherapy is best for spider veins, reticular veins and some small varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy remains the primary treatment for small-vessel varicose disease of the lower extremities. These small vessels include telangiectasias, venulectasias, and reticular ectasias. Telangiectasias are flat red vessels smaller than 1 mm in diameter. Venulectasias are blue, sometimes distended above the skin surface, and smaller than 2 mm in diameter. Reticular veins have a cyanotic hue and are 2-4 mm in diameter. Large varicosities do not respond as well as small varicosities to sclerotherapy

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vascular surgery in india

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