YAG (an acronym for yttrium-aluminum-garnet) laser technology is one type of derma-medical technology used to perform cosmetic laser surgery. “YAG Laser Surgery,” then, is simply cosmetic laser surgery that employs YAG laser technology. Over the last decade, in the United States, such procedures have experienced skyrocketing popularity as effective anti-aging skin care solutions. The field of cosmetic laser treatments continues to rapidly develop, presenting a contrast between its current accessibility versus just a short time ago, when laser procedures were performed exclusively by dermatologists, on patients of a very narrow, upscale market. America’s obsession with youthful appearance fuels demand for skin treatments that promise fountain-of-youth benefits. Market opportunities, and technological and medical advancements, have resulted in a larger and more diverse realm of laser treatment options. The YAG laser is one example of laser technology designed to address specific needs.

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YAG Laser Terminology in india

  1. The “YAG” acronym appears in the names of various laser types. Since its introduction, YAG’s benefits and functions have been used in conjunction with other laser surgery technology to yield specific results. Therefore, obtaining basic information on just “YAG” laser surgery can easily lead to confusion and/or misuse of terms. The Er:YAG laser, for example, serves a particular purpose that is incongruent to that of “stand-alone” YAG or other YAG lasers, such as GentleYAG. Research on laser surgery types can lead to the erroneous, interchangeable use of terms. YAG indeed has alternate medical names, however. The following information clarifies YAG and its sub-types.
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The YAG Laser in india

  1. YAG laser technology is widely used in cosmetic laser surgery procedures (which are, in fact, non-invasive and non-surgical), but is also associated with vision-related laser treatments, among other types of laser surgery. This article addresses the role of YAG lasers in cosmetic skin treatment. YAG, though often referred to under another name, is of the most widely used laser technology in cosmetic surgery procedures, and serve many different applications. YAG lasers are high-intensity light beams, filled with energy, and targeted to fragment or cut through skin cell tissue. ND-YAG, Nd:YAG, or neodymium-YAG are technical names for YAG. Nd:YAG is the most commonly used name for YAG in the medical field.

Reasons for Laser Surgery in india

  1. Laser surgery patients use treatment to ultimately end up with more youthful looking skin, with an even skin tone and smooth texture. Laser procedures correct skin irregularities, but are also used for preventative reasons, as the treatments promote rapid skin cell turn-over (collagen production), and reveal a “fresh” outer skin layer of new, healthy cells, which revitalizes the complexion. Skin discoloration is a typical reason for corrective treatment. Age, liver, and sun spots caused by UV overexposure, and melasmas, caused by pregnancy or menopause, are common discoloration conditions. Laser surgery can also diminish the appearance of scars, birthmarks, unwanted moles, spider veins, and broken capillaries. The reduction of fine lines and wrinkles is also achievable, though some sub-types of YAG technology are more effective in addressing this goal.

Er:YAG: The Erbium YAG Laser in india

  1. The Er:YAG laser is commonly used for skin resurfacing laser treatments, to reduce the appearance of moderately deep wrinkles, scars, and patches of skin discoloration. The Er:YAG emits energy-beams so that skin-penetration is gentle. This laser is ideal for treatments in which thin layers of damaged skin tissue with remarkable precision. The surrounding healthy cells are left unharmed. Newer versions of this laser have properties similar to the CO2 laser.

The Q-Switched Neodymium YAG in india

  1. This is the Nd:YAG laser with a slight technical variation that shifts its capabilities. (Nd: YAG lasers often operate in the “Q-Switch” mode.) This laser technology, which uses infrared light, is effective in removing tattoos and correcting deep, dark lesions. Pigmentation issues can enefit from this laser’s ability to emit and change different colors, such as green lasers to speed up the correction of brown sun spots. The green color also expedites the riddance of orange-red tattoo colors. Nd:YAG lasers that are not in Q-Switch mode are used for hair removal, and to treat inflammatory conditions. This laser is beneficial to patients with a naturally dark skin pigmentation.

The Gentle YAG in india

  1. The Gentle YAG version of Nd:YAG is supposedly the most powerful laser technology available. It’s also designed to be the fastest-working treatment, with less laser pulses. This technology is versatile, so it can yield desired corrective and preventative effects for a wide variety of skin types and conditions. In addition to the typical reasons for laser surgery, this laser technology is also favored for permanent hair reduction, the reduction in the appearance of facial veins, and wrinkles. Visible veins in the legs can also be zapped away by Gentle YAG lasers. Skin tightening is a unique and desirable benefit that this technology promises as well.
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