Egg Donation in India

Egg Donor At Low Cost At World Class Fertility Clinic In India

Egg Donation in India

Egg Donation in India

Egg Donation India follows 3-4 steps, starting with the donor application or screening process and ends with fertilization & embryo transfer for the recipient. Egg Donation in India involves a woman who is donating her eggs and a female recipient, whose eggs are not up to the mark to be fertilized with the sperm. In short, we can say, Egg donation process is a procedure in which a fertile or a healthy woman donates the eggs or oocytes to another woman to help to get conceived. Egg Donation India is the preferred assisted reproductive technology, an Art technique that helps the infertile couples to get pregnant.

With the help of Egg Donation in India, thousands of infertile couples fulfill their dream to attain their parenthood. Egg donation is the foremost and acceptable ART technique that has become a popular option to achieve pregnancy. Let’s gather a complete detail about Egg Donation in India


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Egg Donation in India is Suitable For

  • Women who are not able to produce fine quality of eggs.
  • Females, who unleash healthy eggs but carry any genetic disorder, can also plan for egg donation.
  • Eggs that are originated from a woman may lack in potential or the quantity of eggs made is also of low count to be effectively fertile by male sperms.
  • Women who are above 40 and want to conceive but due to her less fertility potential or poor quality of the eggs, she cannot use her own eggs for fertilization. For these females, egg donation India is the best technique to become pregnant.

Egg Donation in India

Egg Donor Screening Procedure 

There is a way long screening criteria and a selection procedure of a healthy donor. The screening process of Egg Donor in India involves –

  • Application filling
  • Either the clinic call the donor or she has to come in the clinic
  • Physical examination
  • Blood tests and drug tests
  • Monitor the reproductive function
  • Analysis of medical history to know the health of family
  • Screening of infectious disease
  • Screening for an inherited disease

Once a female (if all goes Ok during the above screening phase) gets consent by the clinic for further process, she has to appear for a psychological screening test. During this test, an evaluation of the donor’s mental health is ensured.

Egg donation India

Selection Criteria for Choosing Egg Donor India –

  • Egg Donor must be in the age limit of 21-30
  • Healthy, Young and fertile woman can go for donating her eggs
  • Should not have any severe disease (heart problem, BP issue, etc.)
  • Must not contain any genetic disorder and hereditary disease
  • Must not be in the addiction of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.
  • Physically strong to carry forward the entire procedure of egg donation

The procedure of Egg Donation in India

As per mentioned at the beginning, egg donation India procedure comes in ART technology. Somehow, egg donation follows the steps of IVF treatment (till egg retrieval). The main difference between IVF and egg donation is the role of donor and the recipient. In the entire procedure of egg donation India, egg donor plays a vital role to achieve success.

Without nourished and healthy eggs, the step of fertilization can’t take place, and this is the main reason, why donor is tested in a comprehensive route. The entire procedure of egg donation India majorly depends upon egg donor.

Fertility veterans of Egg Donation Clinic in India start giving fertility medication and hormonal injections to the donor. The duration of this medication goes usually 12-14 days. Fertility medication is given to the donor so that she will come up with multiple eggs at the time of egg retrieval or egg collection phase. Once the eggs become fully matured, then with the help of hollow thin needle the eggs are picked up by the fertility veterans of Egg Donation Clinic in India.

Once the eggs are taken out from the donor, the semen sample is collected from the recipient’s male duo. Now eggs and sperms are kept on the culture dish for fertilization, where motile sperm self penetrates with the egg’s wall and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg, resulting from cell division or fusion. Once the cells begin to divide successfully, fertilization happens.

After 3-4 days of fertilization, the healthiest embryo is chosen by the experts and then transferred into the uterus of the infertile female for implantation. Now from here, recipient, that means infertile woman’s role starts. Embryo transfer hardly takes 35-45 minutes for the completion and once the embryo is placed, a recipient can go back her home on the same day. Embryo transfer is a complete safe process but it should always be performed under the guidance of senior or experienced fertility doctor.

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