Many couples who want to have children find it difficult or impossible to conceive. Using special techniques, some couples can conceive using their own eggs and sperm. Others must use sperm donated from another man. More recently, egg donation has allowed some women, whose ovaries do not produce enough healthy eggs, to become pregnant using donated eggs.

Egg Donation Process Treatment in India

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The egg donation procedure is managed by various fertility clinics and egg donor agencies. Although a lot of women want to be egg donors, they are not really aware of the egg donation procedures. At times, the egg donation process may also involve the process of surrogacy. The procedures can be physically strenuous and need a lot of mental strength, as it is literally being genetically associated with someone else’s child. The process of egg donation, also known as the egg donation cycle, can be divided into four phases – recruitment of the egg donor, selection of the donor and legal procedures, medical procedures and retrieval process.

Recruitment of the Egg Donor Treatment in India

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To be recruited as an egg donor, you will need to visit a fertility clinic or an egg donor agency. Not many fertility clinics offer egg donation programs, but some of them may have tie-ups with egg donor agencies. It is advisable to research on the reputability of the agency before being recruited. Once you select the donor agency, you will be required to fill in a few application forms, that will cover details pertaining to your past medical history, social and professional life, educational and family background and most importantly about any past history of sexually transmitted diseases or infections. Considering all the details, if your application is approved, you move onto the process of psychological and medical screening. This procedure will consist of a complete medical check-up by a physician and also a few psychological tests. These tests assure that you are physically capable and mentally prepared to be an egg donor. Once this is done and you successfully qualify all the tests, you are registered as an egg donor with the agency or clinic.

Selection and Legal Procedures Treatment in India

This phase occurs when you have been selected by an egg donation recipient. The selection of your profile depends upon whether or not your profile matches the requirements of the recipient. If you opt for open egg donation, then the next step is to have a formal meeting with the recipient to discuss the parental responsibilities. You need to hire a lawyer, as you would be entering into a legal contract with the recipient, that affirms the abandonment of all parental rights by you, the donor. If you opt for an anonymous donation, then the above legal formalities will be taken care of by the agency or clinic you are registered with. All the expenses for the legal formalities are usually borne by the recipient party.

Medical Procedures in Egg Donation Treatment in India

The medical procedures begin once the legal formalities are in place. This includes processes like ovarian hyperstimulation, preparation of egg follicles and release of eggs. These processes involve the administration of three classes of hormonal drugs to the donor – Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Agonist Analogues, Follicle Stimulating Hormone or Human Menopausal Gonadotropin and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Prior to the administration of these drugs, contraceptive pills should be taken for the regulation of the donor’s menstruation. In the phase of preparation of egg follicles, there might be a risk of pregnancy. To avoid this risk, you will be asked to abstain from indulging in sexual intercourse, until a few days after the eggs are retrieved.

The process of Egg Retrieval Treatment in India

After the stimulation of ovulation, a growth of egg follicles and the release of eggs, the eggs are retrieved from the donor through a procedure known as egg harvesting. The donor is administered anesthesia and once she is unconscious, a needle is inserted through the vagina into both the ovaries. The needle then sucks out the matured eggs. This procedure may take around an hour and the donor stays under observation in the clinic for a few hours. A week later, the donor undergoes a check-up which includes ultrasound, to make sure she is recovering appropriately. This marks the end of the egg donation cycle or the egg donation procedure.

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