Fertility Treatment in Mumbai

Get the best Fertility Treatment in Mumbai for better results in conceiving

If you have tried many assisted reproductive methods but still unable to conceive than getting the best Fertility Treatment in Mumbai for better results. Mumbai is a city which is best known for the fertility treatments especially for the international patients because here they pay less than half of the amount which they are currently paying in their own countries. For them, Mumbai is the best place because here all the facilities are available and also it is easy to reachable place.


The fertility experts in Mumbai offer you the wide range of Fertility Treatment in Mumbai which will improve your infertility issues with great success at a reasonable cost.

Available Fertility Treatment in Mumbai

There are wide ranges of Fertility Treatment in Mumbai available for all the patients across the world at reasonable cost. Following are the treatments.

  1. IUI: IUI is the Fertility Treatment in Mumbai where the washed sperm is placed inside the women uterus to facilitate fertilization. The purpose of the IUI treatment is to increase the number of sperm that reach to the women fallopian tubes and subsequently increase the chances of fertilization.
  2. IVF: IVF is a process of fertilization by extracting the women eggs, retrieving the sperms of men and then combine both egg and sperm manually in a laboratory dish. The formed embryo than will be transferred into the women uterus in orders to achieve a successful pregnancy.
  3. Egg donation: Egg donation is one of the best Fertility Treatment in Mumbai which makes pregnancy possible for those women who are unable to conceive by their own eggs. In this procedure, the fertility expert will borrow the eggs from another woman and implant it into the uterus of the intended mother in order to establish the successful pregnancy.
  4. ICSI: ICSI is the procedure which is mainly used for male infertility and this procedure involves the direct injection of sperms into eggs which are obtained from IVF procedure. This procedure is also useful for the men with obstructive azoospermia where sperm can directly retrieve from the upper part of the testis which is called the epididymis (PESA- percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration) and in case of non-obstructive azoospermia, the sperm can be retrieved directly from the testis (TESA – testicular sperm aspiration) and they are used for ICSI procedure, which helps couple to have their own biological offspring without resort to a donor sperm.
  5. Surrogacy: Surrogacy is a procedure which means helping those women who are unable to bear children in their own womb. In this procedure, the surrogate mother is hired who will carry the pregnancy for the intended mother for 9 months in her womb until the baby birth and after that, she will hand over the baby to intended couples and she will be paid for her services.

Success Rate

The success rate of Fertility Treatment in Mumbai by using any of the above procedure is approximately 70-80% which is quite high as compared with other countries and all the procedure are cost-effective.

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