Fertility Clinic in Mumbai

Best Fertility Clinic in Mumbai where baby born every day

Fertility Clinic in Mumbai welcomes all the patients across the globe that all are looking to conceive their own baby but due to infertility issues they are unable to conceive. For those couples, Fertility Clinic in Mumbai is the best option where a baby born every day. The fertility experts in Mumbai offer the best fertility treatment to all their patients after the proper examination. The fertility experts in Mumbai will also help you in taking the decision that which fertility treatment will fulfill your dream.


Fertility Clinic in Mumbai is becoming the first choice of the people especially from outside the India because here they get the best fertility treatment at less than half of the cost which they currently are paying in their own countries.

Infertility is a factor which not only affects women but men are also affected by the cause of infertility. The Fertility Clinic in Mumbai also treats the male infertility factors and ensures the successful pregnancy. This clinic will provide you with a hope that you can become parents of your own baby as the fertility experts here use the latest and modern technology to treat the infertility issues whether it is simple or complex. The fertility experts of Mumbai fertility clinic have treated more than 5000 infertile couples in last 25 years and they deliver around 3500 IVF babies to infertile couples.

The fertility experts at Mumbai fertility clinic will offer you the high-quality of the personal and medical care throughout your treatment. There are wide ranges of fertility treatments which the Fertility Hospital in Mumbai offers you as the single fertility treatment will not give the same results for all.

Available Fertility Treatments in Mumbai

The following are the fertility treatments in Mumbai offered by the Mumbai fertility clinic to fulfill your dream of having an own baby:

  • IVF: This is a procedure where your eggs and your husband sperm will mix together in the laboratory and the resulted embryo will be transferred into your uterus.
  • ICSI: This is a procedure mainly used for male infertility where a single sperm is directly injected into each egg and the resulted embryo will be placed into your uterus.
  • Egg Donation: This is the process where the donated eggs by another woman will be fertilized with your husband or donor sperm and the resulted embryo will be implanted into your uterus.
  • Gestational Surrogacy: This is the procedure where another woman carries the baby for you. In this procedure, your eggs and your husband sperms are used or donor egg and sperm are used and the resulted embryo will be placed into the uterus of the gestational surrogate.
  • IUI: This is a procedure where washed sperm is placed inside your uterus to facilitate fertilization. This process is used to increase the sperm number so that they can reach to your fallopian tubes and increase the chances of successful pregnancy.

Mission & Vision

The aim of the Fertility Clinic in Mumbai is to spread the happiness all over the world by delivering the positive results.

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