Heart Transplant in Delhi

Effective Heart Transplant in Delhi

A Procedure of Heart Transplant in Delhi

A heart transplant in Delhi is a surgical specialty whereby the dysfunctional or diseased heart of the patient is replaced with a healthy one, received from a donor. The transplant is performed as the final treatment of the heart when all sorts of treatments and medication have failed to improve the condition of the heart.


The heart transplant surgery is performed in case of heart failure, serious coronary artery disease, and other end-stage cardiac diseases. There are various reasons for performing a heart transplant in Delhi such as congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy, heart valve disease, or a failed previous heart transplant.

However, not everybody is a suitable candidate for a heart transplant and there are some patients who do not qualify for the heart transplant in Delhi. The unsuitable candidates include the old age patients lacking the potential to undergo and recover from the heart transplant surgery, patients who will not benefit from the heart transplant due to the presence of other chronic conditions such as a kidney or liver disease, the patients who are not willing to give up alcohol or smoking, which is a necessary requirement for the patients who are going to be living with a donor heart. The condition of the patient is effectively analyzed before confirming their eligibility for a heart transplant.

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Suitable Candidates for a Heart Transplant in Delhi

Receiving a donor heart for a transplant is not an easy thing to find and various things are considered before finding the most suitable donor heart for transplantation. Therefore, a comprehensive screening of the patient is done as it is important to determine the extent to which the patients will benefit from the heart transplant in Delhi. The reason for undergoing a transplant is the inefficiency of the heart in supplying blood and oxygen to the other organs of the body.

Below is the list of suitable candidates for a heart transplant in Delhi.

  • Patients with end-stage heart disease but their other organs should function effectively in order to have a successful heart transplant.
  • Patients who are not having severe conditions such as active infection, cancer, etc. These conditions put the patients at risk of having a transplantation failure.
  • Patients who are in good health to recover from heart transplant surgery and undergo post-transplantation treatment.
  • Patients who are found to be compatible with the donor’s heart so as to avoid the complications and risk of rejection of the transplanted heart.

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Results after Heart Transplant in Delhi

Heart transplant surgery is a less complex procedure as compared to the other types of heart surgeries. The process can be divided into three stages where three operations are done to receive the donor’s heart, remove the diseased heart of the patient, and replacing it with a donor’s heart.

In the first stage, an operation is performed on the donor in order to remove the healthy heart from their body. The donor is generally an individual who has had brain death where the doctor declares him brain dead and his condition is irreparable. In this scenario, the other organs of the patients are effectively working with the aid of medication and other support systems but there is certainly no possibility of survival due to brain death. Therefore, the surgeon removes the heart and implants it inside the body of the recipient.

Subsequently, the doctor removes the failed heart from the recipient’s body. Removing it may be a complex task if the patient is undergoing a heart transplant for the second time. Keeping in mind the condition of the patient, the doctor effectively removes the heart and start preparing for implantation of the donor’s heart. It is crucial to place the donor heart inside the body of the recipient within four hours. Then, the surgeon makes various stitches for connecting the big blood vessels passing through the heart and fixing the donor heart into your body. At last, the transplanted heart starts to beat after the restoration of the blood flow and in case it does not, the surgeon has to give an electric shock to the patients so that the heart can begin functioning effectively.

Afterward, pain medication will be given to the patient in order to soothe the pain and discomfort caused due to surgery. The patient has to be on a ventilator for some time and tubes will be inserted in his chest for draining fluids. It takes about a week for the patient to recover from the surgery and go back home. However, medication is still given to them for a long period and they are advised to abstain from intense physical activities.

Acceptable Heart Transplant Cost in Delhi

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