Heart transplant in India is a procedure in which the patient’s diseased heart will be replaced with a healthy heart of the deceased donor. The heart transplantation will improve the patient’s life and allow them to live a long life.

Usually, the heart surgeons at We Care India perform the heart transplantation for the people who are at the end-stage which means heart failure. The heart failure is a condition where the patient’s heart becomes weak or severely damaged and all other treatment options are failed to save their life then the only option is the heart transplant .

How does the Heart Transplant in India procedure works?

Heart transplant in India is a simple procedure for the cardiac surgeons who have been performing these types of cases for more than 25 years and achieved the highest success rates in transplanting heart.

In this procedure, first, your heart surgeon will harvest the donor’s heart. Usually, the donors are the people who suffered from a brain injury which leads to brain death. The surgeon will remove the heart of the person whose brain is dead but the other organs of the body are in working condition.

Once the heart is removed from the donor’s body the patient will then connected to the heart-lung bypass machine to maintain the flow of blood throughout the body. In this procedure, the heart surgeon will make a small incision into the patient’s chest, to separate the patient’s chest bone and open the rib cage so that the surgeon can easily perform the procedure.

Now, the surgeon will replace the diseased heart of the patient with a new heart and will connect this new heart to the aorta which is the main artery of the heart. It has been found that after the heart transplant in India the new heart of the patient will start beating immediately, but sometimes the surgeon will give an electric shock to make the donor’s heartbeat properly. Once the new heart starts beating properly, the surgeon will remove the heart-lung bypass machine and you will survive with your new heart.
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Is There Any Chance of a Donor’s Heart Rejection?

The chances are very less that donor’s heart gets rejected, but to avoid the risk of rejection or infection the patient need to keep the several things in their mind after the heart transplantation such as they need to take proper and timely vacation, eat healthy food, maintain good hygiene, and regular medications to prevent the immune system which can be affected by heart.

It is also very important to notice the sign and symptoms if the patient body is rejecting the new heart. The following are the sign and symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Breathing problem
  • Weight gain
  • Less amount of urine which can affect the kidneys and heart problem occurs

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Recovery after Heart Transplant

In some cases, people will gradually recover after the heart transplant surgery and they need to stay for 15 ways to a month that depend upon the health condition of the patient. Once the patient gets discharged from the hospital they need to visit the hospital for regular check-ups at least for 2 months after the surgery to get back to the normal activities. The surgeon will advise the patient not do perform any hard exercise or heavy lifting as it may put pressure on the new heart. Your heart surgeon will also ask you to visit for the regular monitoring of the newly transplanted heart and this you need to undergo for blood tests, lung function tests, biopsies, and echocardiograms of the new heart and this will continue for at least a year so that you can live healthy and improved life with your new heart.

You need to take the medications for the rest of your life as prescribed by your heart surgeon as there are chances that your body reject your new heart so avoiding the rejection you need to continuously take the medicines. After the surgery, you need to visit the cardio surgeon regularly so that they will keep a check that there are no side effects of your medications.

What are the Heart Diseases that require Heart Transplantation?

The following are some of the common heart diseases which need to be corrected only by a heart transplant in India and these are:

a) Coronary heart disease: This is a disease in which coronary arteries that provide the blood to heart muscles are blocked. Coronary heart disease occurs when the arteries become narrowed or hard due to which they build up material in the inner walls of the heart which is known as plaque. The size of plaque will increases and it affects the coronary arteries which mean there is a less blood flow. The blood carries the oxygen, however, the heart will not receive enough oxygen due to coronary disease and the only option is the heart transplant in which the heart surgeon will replace the heart which is not treated by other treatments.

b) End-stage heart failure: This is a stage in which the heart muscles are failed to pump the blood through the patient’s body and all the other treatments are failed to improve the functioning of the heart. End-stage failure means the last stage of the heart failure which occurs when the patient’s heart is unable to pump enough blood and the heart is about to stop beating. In such a case, to save the patient’s life the only option is the heart transplant as this is the only hope left after all the treatments.

c) Cardiomyopathy: This is a disease of heart muscles and it is similar to a heart attack. The causes of cardiomyopathy include heart valve disease and coronary artery disease. Cardiomyopathy is a disease which occurs in dilated, restrictive and hypertrophic. These are the area which affects the patient’s heart ability to pump the blood and pass it to the rest of the body. To control this type of disease the heart transplant is the best option which helps patients to live their life for a long span.

How Heart Transplant gives benefit to the people?

  • The major benefit of having a heart transplant is that it will save the life of the patient and also add years to their life.
  • Heart transplant is the only option to save a person dealing with severe heart disease.
  • After heart transplant people will experience a good and quality of improved life.
  • It will reduce the continuous dependence of the medications.
  • After heart transplant surgery the patient will become more functional.

How to choose the best surgeon and hospital for a Heart Transplant?

Nowadays, with the advanced technologies, it becomes easy to find the best heart transplant surgeon in India which you can do by searching on the internet or you can ask your friend, relative or neighbour anyone of them has had undergone for the heart transplant in India. With the help of the internet, you can know the experience of the surgeon, time is taken for the procedure, success rates, cost, etc. and also you can visit the hospitals under We Care India for detail information.

It is advisable that do not always choose the hospitals which are offering the heart transplant in India less than USD 25,000 as they are hiding some of the services which will be charged when you get discharged from the hospital. We Care India is a leading medical tourism company which has tie-ups with many renowned and top heart transplant hospitals where you will get the best and affordable treatment. Usually, most of the insurance companies cover the heart transplantation due to which it becomes easy to avail the heart transplant surgery in India.

The aim of the heart surgeon and the other staff of the hospital is that you return to your normal routine life and enjoy your improved and good quality of life. Your surgeon will suggest you maintain good health habits which prevent you from any illness or infection.

How much is the average cost for a Heart Transplant in India?

The average cost of a heart transplant in India at the hospitals under We Care India is around USD 30,000 which is significantly reasonable as compared to the countries like the USA, UK Australia, Russia, etc. This is not the actual cost, the actual cost may be less or high than this which is confirmed by the heart surgeon once they examine you. Based on your medical reports they will plan your heart transplant procedure but before the surgeon begin the procedure they will briefly explain you the pros and cons of the treatment, success rates, cost, time taken for the procedure, etc.

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