IUI Treatment Cost in Mumbai

Best and Suitable IUI Treatment Cost in Mumbai for all the patients

Mumbai is a city which offers the best and suitable IUI Charges in Mumbai for all the patients across the world as the fertility experts in Mumbai are very cooperative and they treat all the patients with equality whether they are poor, needy or payee people. If you compare the other forms of assisted reproduction, then you will find that IUI Treatment Cost in Mumbai is one thing which attracts many couples who are dealing with the cause of infertility.

Procedure for IUI treatment

IUI treatment is the first option which comes in your mind when you consider the assisted reproduction. In this procedure, the sperm of your husband or donor sperm is collected and washed. At the time when you ovulate, the best quality of sperm is directly injected into your uterus by using a long catheter and this procedure is a painless procedure. This procedure is useful for those couples who have sperm motility issues or low counts.

Although this is a very simple and straight procedure of assisted reproduction and some of the fertility experts prefer to follow your natural monthly cycle and plan your insemination for the day when you ovulates, which is determined by ovulation predictors.

Most of the fertility experts prefer to take the more aggressive approach to control when ovulation occurs and suggest Clomid or another fertility drug which will make you ovulate. This method is sometimes used in conjunction with the proper guidance through ultrasound and blood tests to monitor the development of your ovaries.

Estimated IUI Treatment Cost in Mumbai

The IUI Treatment Cost in Mumbai ranges between USD 500 to USD 2500 depending on the several factors:

  • Basic cost: The basic IUI Treatment Cost in Mumbai covers the basic clinic procedures such as washing of your husband sperm, preparing them in the laboratory, and then inseminated into your uterus which will cost you few hundred dollars only.
  • Medication cost: Adding the medicines like Clomid will increase the IUI Charges in Mumbai, but there are generic versions are available in the market for most of the fertility medications and it’s often not a huge expense. A cycle of Clomid medicine will cost you around USD 10 to USD 100 depending on your dosage, however, the cost of medicine during the IUI treatment for one cycle costs you around USD 40. The injectable medications are much more expensive than Clomid medicine.
  • Extra tests: Ultrasound scan and blood tests add several hundred dollars to the basic cost of IUI treatment. Since some of the tests are the routine one and can be performed by outside the realm of fertility treatments and can be covered by the insurance companies even if the IUI treatment is not covered.
  • A number of IUI cycles: You are charged for per IUI cycle, which means more IUI cycle increases your IUI cost and the most important factor for the IUI treatment is the age of the women. If she is under age of 35 years then her chances of getting pregnant are around 40-50%, however, if she is above 40 years then her chances of getting pregnant will drastically dip down to 20-30%. In case you have 3 failed IUI cycles your fertility expert will recommend you the IVF treatment for better results.

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