What is the Minimum Cost for Knee replacement surgery in India ?

knee replacement surgery cost india

The average cost of Unilateral Total Knee Replacement at the hospitals under We Care India ranges between USD 3500 to USD 5500. The cost of total knee replacement in an inpatient would be between USD 4000 to USD 9000; however, the cost of knee replacement will depend upon the implant being used for the replacement of the Knee.

Knee replacement is a surgery in India which has become quite common and this is the most reasonable and affordable surgery in India. It has been found, that knee replacement is the safe and the best option for people with severe osteoarthritis of the knee joint. This surgery is specially designed for patients who are dealing with end-stage arthritis of the knee.

The patients who are undergoing knee replacement surgery in India can be attributed to several reasons, which include the following:

  1. Increased affordability: Nowadays people in larger number prefer to have knee replacement surgery because the cost of implants has decreased in India significantly in the recent past years.
  2. Improved surgical outcomes: Earlier there was only one option and that was open knee replacement, but with the advancement in medical science there are several knee replacement technologies are available which offers greater benefits and also ensures positive outcomes. Nowadays Knee replacement surgery is not that painful and it does require longer stay at hospitals for recovery.
  3. Range of implants available: The hospitals under We Care India have the number of knee replacement implants available which fulfill the need for individual needs. The hospitals have implants which have 180 degrees and 360-degree motion to 3D-printed knee implants which provides benefits to all the patients across the globe with different severity of osteoarthritis.

Types of Knee Replacement Surgeries with cost

a) Total Knee Replacement: The knee surgeons recommend this procedure to the patients who face persistent joint pain due to which they are unable to perform their daily activities. If you are getting disturbed by your knee pain due to which you are unable to sleep at night and also if it making difficult for you to bend your knees, then total knee replacement is a permanent solution to get rid of it. There are people in the larger number who experienced a drastic improvement in their knee function and pain after total knee replacement surgery. The cost of total knee replacement surgery in India is around USD 4,000 which is very reasonable as compared to other developed countries.

b) Partial Knee Replacement: This is a procedure which is performed by the surgeons to improve the partial damage on the knee. This is a smaller procedure as compared to total knee replacement and it helps in restoring the functionality of a particular compartment of knees. This is a procedure which provides a sufficient range of stability and motion in the knee which allows you to move your knee without any pain. According to the study, people will recover fast who had undergone partial knee replacement and also have less blood loss as compared to total knee replacement. The partial knee replacement surgery will cost you around USD 4,500 in India.

c) Revision Knee Replacement: Revision knee replacement is a procedure which is designed to correct the position of already installed knee prosthesis. Some changes that installed knee prosthesis can become loose when your joint contains any heavyweight which can be due to running or walking and it can cause inflammation between your knee Joints which will force the implants to move from their original position.

Your surgeon will make use of metal or plastic elements throughout the surgery which may additionally interlock the center of the knee which allows higher stability. The revision knee replacement surgery will cost in India to you around USD 6,000.

d) Robotic Knee Replacement: This is a minimally invasive knee replacement surgery which reduces the trauma to tissue and also it lessens the pain by decreasing the blood loss. This is a procedure in which your surgeon will make standard incisions of 8-10-inches which can be reduced to 9-4-inches. The cutting of fewer muscles increase the possibilities of healing are quicker and you will experience more robust vary of motion once you get to recover. This surgery of knee will cost you around USD 5,500 in India.

Why people from other developed countries choose India for knee replacement?

India is a country where surgeons perform knee replacement surgeries to provide stability and strength to the patient’s joints so that they can enjoy their life. The people from other developed countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. choose India for knee replacement because here they will get the reasonable cost of knee replacement surgeries as compared to their own countries.

India is a country where people across the world will get the attractive packages which includes the hospital stay, charges of surgeon, equipment charges, nursing charges, patient’s meal, drugs and other consumables etc. under one roof which means you don’t have to go here and there to collect the things all will be provided at one point. The only thing is that you need to concentrate on your treatment to achieve the successful outcome of the procedures.

India is the competitive country in terms of quality and the surgeons here will offer you the same international standard quality at a very reasonable cost in India. If you are traveling to India for your knee replacement treatment then we suggest you to visit the medical tourism company We Care India which have tie-ups with the best knee replacement hospitals in India where you will get the world-class facilities and also our representative will help you in Visa documentation and provide you 24*7 full support during your entire journey in India for knee replacement treatment.

The hospitals under We Care India have world’s best and highly qualified surgeons who offer the best treatment plan according to your medical reports which help you in achieving the successful outcome and that too at a very reasonable cost.