The Egg Donation in India treatment is a process where these donated eggs from the egg donor will be artificially inseminated with the sperm of the recipient husband for fertilization and once the fertilization is confirmed the resulted embryo will be implanted into the uterus of intended mother to establish the successful pregnancy.

Egg Donation Clinic in India has a comprehensive database for the healthy, young and fertile egg donors between the age group of 18 to 30 years with a successful track record. Before any egg donor joins the Egg Donation India the fertility expert at Egg Donation Clinic in India will examine all the egg donors properly so that they will super-ovulate for the couples and will ensure the highest success rate of the pregnancy. The Egg Donation Clinic in India prefer the married egg donors with kids as they will have established their ability to bear children, but unmarried egg donors are also welcomed by Egg Donation Clinic in India.

The Egg Donation Clinic in India have the large database of the Indian, African and Caucasian egg donors couple can choose the egg donors according to their preferences and they can view the egg donor’s profile with their photo identity proof. If couple wish to bring their own egg donor, they can bring, but they need to ensure that the egg donor which they have chosen for their treatment will properly screen and ensure the high success rate of the pregnancy.

Once the egg donor is confirmed by the couples the Egg Donation India treatment will begin but before that both the parties need to sign an agreement which states that egg donor has no issues that to whom her eggs are donated and she gets the full support from her family to donate her eggs. On the other side, the couples are ready to pay the egg donor for her services. After the document has been signed by both the parties the representative of Egg Donation Clinic in India will guide the couples throughout their journey of Egg Donation India process and make will fulfill their dream of having their own baby.

The egg Donation cost in India has the finest fertility experts who will examine the couples properly before they proceed with their Egg Donation India treatment and also offer them the best medical and personal care throughout their journey at Egg Donor Clinic in India.