Fertility Treatment in Delhi

Best available Fertility Treatment in Delhi for the couples who are seeking to conceive

There are varieties of infertility treatment available in Delhi, from basic infertility care to advanced infertility treatment. No single infertility treatment can give benefit to all. There is the wide range of infertility treatment given to each individual. The fertility expert will first examine the exact cause of infertility and also find out that who is dealing with infertility factor male or female after the examination they will suggest you the right Fertility Treatment in Delhi which will fulfill your dream of having your own baby as well as suits to your pocket.

Available options for Fertility Treatment in Delhi

  1. Egg Donation: Egg donation is the Fertility Treatment in Delhi which can be used by the women over age of 40 years when she is unable to produce the good quality of eggs, failed ovaries, previous failed IVF cycle etc. for them egg donations is the best option as the fertility experts can borrow the eggs from another fertile, young and healthy women and fertilize them with the sperm of recipient husband and later on when the embryo is developed will transfer into the uterus of the intended mother to establish the successful pregnancy
  2. ICSI: ICSI is another form of Fertility Treatment in Delhi which is used in case of male infertility factor such as low or poor sperm count, abnormal shape of sperm etc. in such cases the ICSI is the best option where the fertility expert will directly inject the single sperm into each egg for fertilization.
  3. IUI Treatment: IUI is the Fertility Treatment in Delhi in which low dose of medication is given which allow one or two follicles to develop on the natural cycle. This procedure is followed by inserting the washed sperm directly into the uterus and it also increases the probability of fertilization by increasing the number of sperms which reach to the women fallopian tubes.
  4. IVF Treatment: IVF is a Fertility Treatment in Delhi in which the eggs and sperm are fertilized together in the laboratory but outside the women body. IVF procedure involves several steps. First, the fertility expert will give some fertility drugs to women stimulating the ovaries to produce more mature eggs in one cycle. Secondly, the eggs are retrieved using the thin needle and inserted into the women ovary. Thirdly, the eggs are fertilized and finally, the fertilized eggs are transferred into the uterus of women to establish the successful pregnancy.
  5. Surrogacy: Surrogacy is the procedure where another woman carries a baby in her womb for 9 months for you and deliver the baby on his/her birth to you.
  6. Blastocyst Transfer: A blastocyst develops when an embryo reaches its fifth stage. At this stage, two embryos will transfer into the women who are under age of 35 years and three will be transferred to the women over the age of 35 years to achieve the successful pregnancy.

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