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images (80)Eye Surgery in India also referred to as Ocular surgery is that surgical procedure, which is performed on the eye by the specialized hands of a team – known as Ophthalmologist. Our eye plays a vital role in each and everything and thus requires extreme care and proper attention during or after the surgical process to minimize or put a stop to further damage. The eye is one of the most fragile parts of our body hence any issue related to it should not be avoided by any individual.

We Care India is one of the leading and ongoing centres to treat any kind of issue associated with the human eye. It is enhanced with all the equipment and the latest methods or techniques to resolve eye problem. Eye surgery methods have perked up during the last several years with more and more specialists taking the opportunity to ameliorate both the appearance of the eye and vision thus giving advance treatment to the patients.

Why Choose We Care India for Eye Treatment in India

There are several factors, which show why We Care India serves matchless treatment to the entire patient. Factors, given below are most exclusive about it –

  • It is associated with more than 40 centres
  • Provides best eye treatment in India
  • Authentic patient service
  • Most affordable and reasonable Eye Surgery Cost in India
  • Diagnosis and treatment are done by the experienced and trusted doctors
  • A proper counseling session, where a patient can ask anything about the treatment and the cost of eye treatment
  • Complete transparency in all the steps
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Most Selected and Performed Eye Surgery in India

Eye surgeries are of various types,

  1. Laser Eye Surgery in India
  2. Cataract Eye treatment in India
  3. Glaucoma Surgery in India
  4. Refractive Surgery
  5. Corneal Surgery
  6. Vitreo-retinal Surgery
  7. Eye muscle surgery
  8. Oculoplastic surgery
  9. Orbital Surgery

Amongst the above surgeries, most chosen Eye Treatment in India are laser, cataract, glaucoma and refractive surgery. Let’s get into these 3-4 surgeries in a concise manner.

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye surgery treats a wide range of eyesight issues that many of the patients are suitable for it. Individual, whoever planning for laser eye surgery, has to consider eligibility for this procedure-

  • He or she must be 21 or above for this surgery with a prescription must (where it has been mentioned that he or she has been stable eyesight for at least one year)
  • If the patient is women, then she must not be pregnant at the time of surgery or breastfeeding; this is because hormones are likely to change at this stage and this, in turn, affect eyesight

If any person is suffering from glaucoma or diabetes or any other eye conditions, then he or she has to take advice from an eye specialist in order to know if he or she can undergo laser Eye Surgery in India.

The surgeons of We Care India, during this procedure, first put anesthetic eye drops in the patient’s eye to be treated to make it numb. Once the anesthetic has begun to effect, the specialist places a speculum on the patient’s eye so that the eye remains open during the surgery. Laser eye surgery India is a painless procedure, but there are some of the patients, who experience discomfort at some point during the method.

Maybe the patient feels dryness and also a mild stinging sensation but this is common after laser surgery and is easily managed with painkillers and gradually goes after a few days.

Cataract Eye Surgery

Cataract eye surgery India is a process that eradicates the lens of the eye and usually in most cases; the lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial lens.

During the trouble of cataract, the lens of the eye becomes cloudy or unclear and this causes an adverse effect in the eye-sight that disturbs vision.

Cataract Eye Treatment in India is done by the eye specialists or an ophthalmologist; this is a procedure that is an outpatient basis (where the patient needs not to stay in the hospital for a night and released after few hours of the surgery).  This surgery can be performed traditionally using the ultrasounds energy to eradicate the cloudiness of the lens, or cataract surgery can be done with laser-assisted technology. This surgery or procedure is common in these days and uncomplicated procedure too. It is one of the most effective ways to restore the vision with a minor side-effect.

Glaucoma Surgery in India

Glaucoma is a condition that is linked to human eyes. It is a group of eye disorder, characterized by affecting the human optic nerve. It progressively smashes up the optic nerve and this result in the loss of vision. The gradual shortfall of nerve tissue leads to blurred vision loss. There are several types of glaucoma surgery. People aged above 60 are at high risk of glaucoma disease.

Individuals with closed-angle glaucoma disorder may experience following signs and symptoms:

  • Loss in vision / blurred vision
  • Extreme pain in the eye (that is affected by glaucoma)
  • Feeling nausea and vomiting
  • A patient sees redness in the glaucoma eye
  • The halo-like glow around the affected eye
  • Vision issues, especially in diffused or dim light

Procedure to treat glaucoma is usually performed on both of the patient’s eyes even when only one of them is affected. This is done because it proliferates to the other eye sooner or later hence to prevent it, both of the eyes are involved in the treatment during glaucoma surgery.

How to avail Affordable Eye Surgery Cost in India?

India is a country where you will get the cost-effective Eye Surgery Cost in India  which helps to protect your vision as well as it will suits to your pocket, however, the cost of the eye surgery is mainly depends upon the procedure you choose to treat your eye condition. There are various eye procedures, however, which one is best for you will be only confirmed by an eye surgeon after the proper examination of your eye.

It has been found that people in a larger number from other developed countries travel India for their eye treatments because with the reasonable cost the surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India also provide the highest success rates to protect your vision from vision loss.

What are the procedures for Eye surgery and their cost?

The following are some common eye procedures with their cost which is performed at all the hospitals under We Care India and these are:

a) Cataract: Cataract is an eye condition which occurs due to clouding of an eye and this cannot be treated by contact lens. The eye surgeon will perform cataract surgery where they aim to replace the patient’s damaged lens by an artificial lens. The surgery will provide you a clear vision and also reduce the need for contact lens.

b) Glaucoma: The surgeon perform the glaucoma surgery to reduce the pressure on the optic nerve which is at the back side and usually surgeons prefer to perform this procedure as a non-surgical procedure, however, if the condition of the patient is still serious only then the surgeon will recommend trabeculectomy surgery. The estimated cost of glaucoma is ranged between USD 800 to USD 1200 per eye.

c) LASIK Laser surgery: The purpose to perform the LASIK laser eye surgery is to correct the patient’s vision and the surgeon performs this surgery which helps in reshaping the cornea, so that cornea will accept the light. The cost for this procedure in India ranges between USD 800 to USD 1500.

d) Cornea transplant: This is a procedure in which the surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India will replace the damage and diseased cornea with the healthy cornea donated by an organ donor. Usually, the surgeons recommend the cornea transplant when contact lens or eyeglasses are failed to restore the vision. The cost of a cornea transplant in India ranges between USD 1,000 to USD 1,800.

Are the eyes surgeries are covered by the insurance companies?

Yes, in India there are insurance companies which cover the cost of eye surgeries, if not full than partial that depend on the condition of the patient’s eye. Before you proceed with any of the eye surgery, you need to speak to your insurance provider that are they covering the entire amount or the partial amount for your eye surgery.

It is always a good practice to take the full information before you undergoing any procedure which saves your time and also your energy for unnecessary arguments.

AT the End –

Go for the right centre and experienced ophthalmologist, in order to get your surgery in an accomplished manner. Since it’s the case of the eye, we should not delay the matter much and soon take advice from a veteran eye expert. We Care India delivers experienced surgeons and eye specialists in the field of ophthalmology, providing all the comfort to the patient during the procedure or surgery.

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