How Much Does Heart Surgery Cost in India 2020?

heart surgery cost india

India is a country where you will get a reasonable and affordable cost for heart surgery. It has been found that the cost of heart surgery in India ranges between USD 3,000 to USD 7,000 depending on your heart condition.

Nowadays, people from other developed countries prefer to come to India for heart surgery not because other countries are not offering them the good quality of the treatment, but because the similar quality of services they can easily avail in less than one-third of the cost in India. Moreover, the heart surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India heart surgery uses the most advanced technology to treat the heart diseases, which is at par with what even the most developed countries in the world have.

Does low-cost heart surgery in India mean low quality of treatment?

The low-cost of heart surgery in India does not mean that the surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India will compromise the quality of the treatment. They offer reasonable heart surgery in India so that people who are unable to afford the expensive heart surgeries can easily avail the benefits of the reasonable cost of heart surgery and live their life at fullest. The aim of the surgeons in India is not to make a profit out of your pocket. They aim to offer you a healthy and disease-free life.

Types of Heart surgeries in India and their cost

The following are the types of heart surgeries with their cost that has been performed at the hospitals under We Care India and these are:

a) Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG): This is one of the most common heart surgeries in India and will perform on adults. This is a procedure in which your surgeon will connect a healthy artery or vein from your body, or graft, to a blocked coronary artery.

It has been found that to block the portion of your coronary artery, the grafted vein or artery will go around and it will create a new path for oxygen-rich blood so that the blood will flow to the heart muscle. The purpose to perform the CABG Heart Surgery in India is to provide relief from chest pain and also it will lower down your risk of having a heart attack. The cost of CABG Heart surgery in India is around USD 4,500 which is quite reasonable as compared to other developed countries.

b) Open Heart Surgery: This is the heart surgery in India which is performed by opening the chest wall to operate on the heart. During this procedure, your heart surgeon will make incisions through your breastbone to open the chest.

Once they are able to expose the heart, they will put you on a heart-lung bypass machine. The purpose of putting you on the heart-lung bypass machine is that it will pump your heart and moves blood away from the heart. This is a procedure where your surgeon is able to operate on a heart which is not beating and does not have any blood flowing through it. The cost of open-heart surgery in India is around USD 3,500.

c) Off-Pump surgery: This is a similar procedure like open-heart surgery where your surgeon will open your chest bone to access the heart. The only difference in off-pump surgery and open-heart surgery is that in off-pump surgery your heart will not stop and you will be not using the heart-lung bypass machine. Off-pump heart surgery is limited to CABG.

It has been found that the off-pump surgery is not the procedure for all patients so before you plan to undergo for the off-pump surgery you need to check with your heart surgeon that whether the off-pump surgery is the best option for you or not. The cost of off-pump heart surgery in India will cost you around USD 3,000.

d) Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery: This is a heart surgery in which your surgeon will make small incisions in the side of your chest between the ribs to perform heart surgery. Your surgeon will not open the breastbone to access your heart and to perform this procedure they may or may not use a heart-lung bypass machine. This is a procedure which is also useful to repair or replace heart valves and your surgeon will insert pacemakers or ICDs or will take a vein or artery from your body to use it as a bypass graft for CABG.

There is another type of minimally invasive heart surgery which is known as robotic-assisted surgery which is more common nowadays. During the robotic-assisted procedure, your surgeon will use a computer to control the surgical tools on thin robotic arms. After this, your surgeon will insert the surgical tool through small incisions in your chest which allow your surgeon to perform the complex and highly precise Heart surgery. This is a procedure in which your surgeon has control of the robotic arms and it reduces the manual work of the surgeons. The cost of this heart surgery is around USD 6,000.

e) Heart Transplant: This is a heart procedure in which your heart surgeon will remove your diseased heart and replace it with a healthy heart from a deceased donor. It has been found, that most of the heart transplants surgeries are recommended for the patients who are at the end-stage which means heart failure.

Heart failure is a condition in which the patient’s heart is damaged or weak which means the heart will not pump enough blood to meet the body’s requirements. According to the study, the “End-stage” is a heart problem where all the treatments are failed and the only option left is the Heart Transplant. The cost of a heart transplant in India is around USD 7,000.

For more details on Heart surgeries and its cost visit the hospitals under We Care India, our representative will help assist you with the best heart surgery at a very reasonable cost.