Squint Surgery in India – To improve the alignment of the eyes

Squint Surgery in India

The surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India, the best and leading medical tourism company perform the Squint Surgery in India to loosen or tighten the muscles of eyes to improve the alignment of the eyes. Squint Surgery in India also helps the eye work in coordination. This procedure is also known as Strabismus Surgery.

According to study, there are different approaches to the Squint procedure which are as follows:

  • Recession procedure: This is a Squint procedure which involves the re-adjustment of the eye muscles that helps in the realignment of the eyes.
  • Adjustable Suture Strabismus Surgery: The surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India perform this type of surgery to re-adjust the eye muscles by using the sutures. This is a type of surgery which the surgeon will perform after a recession procedure.

How much does the Squint Surgery Cost in India?

The Squint Surgery Cost in India is vary from city to city and hospital to hospital in India, however, the estimated Squint Surgery Cost in India at the hospitals under We Care India is very reasonable which ranges from USD 200 to USD 700 depending on the advanced facilities available with different clinical setups. If you compare the Squint Surgery Cost in India with other developing countries then you find India is the most reasonable and affordable country for the Squint Surgery India and this is the reason that people in larger number travel India every year because here they get the reasonable cost and high success rates of the treatment as compare to their own countries.

Treatment and Squint Surgery India

According to research, it was easy to treat the Squint condition in early years. Depending on the type of Squint, the surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India recommend the combination of the treatments to get the desired results and some of the common and hassle-free ways to treat Squint are as follows:

  • Exercises: Exercise is one of the best treatment which helps to strengthen the eye’s ability to work in coordination. This is a treatment which is usually helpful for older children and it can be used together with glasses or surgery.
  • Glasses: The surgeons will recommend the glasses to the children with Squint which is based on their power. The children dealing with Squint condition need to wear the glasses all the time as it enhances their vision and allows them to focus on the objects without any difficulty.
  • Surgery: The surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India will suggest the corrective surgery depending on the type of Squint to straighten the Squint. Generally, the surgeons will perform the Squint Surgery India under general anesthesia and it does not require any stay in the hospital.
  • Patching: Patching is a treatment that helps to improve the vision especially in an individual with the Lazy Eye. While performing the patching treatment the surgeon will cover the child’s eye with a patch due to which the child is forced to use their weaker eye to see things and perform activities. This is one of the best therapies which help the child in developing the visual pathway between a weak eye and the brain.

According to the study, the operation usually weakens or strengthens the eye muscles so that the eyes are better aligned. However, there are cases where glasses may still be prescribed for clarity of vision.

According to study, the Squint Surgery India can be performed at any age; however, if it is performed in early years can be more effective. The children and adults who are older for them this operation is carried out more for cosmetic purpose and it will take several weeks to recover from the corrective Squint Surgery India.

We Care India has the tie-ups with the best and renowned eye hospitals in India for the Squint Surgery India which offer the most advanced Squint eye treatment through the latest modality- laser eye surgery which is hassle-free, convenient and a day care procedure. The surgeons at the hospitals under We Care India are highly skilled and experienced eye surgeons who offer the world-class treatment for Squint Surgery India.

The study says that it is important to treat the Squint condition during early years to get the effective results before it causes a permanent defect. The surgeons usually advise the parents to get the proper eye check-up of their children, especially before enrolling them in school.

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