IUI treatment Delhi- Blue-chip for those couples who are facing infertility contention in their life

iui treatment in delhi

Guess what, God has given superpower to woman, the ability to conceive. Becoming pregnant, giving birth to baby, bringing up a kid etc, these are some epoch making and significant roles of a woman. Unfortunately, some individuals (male or female) can’t make the grade to become a parent due to their infertility or sterility reason. Delhi, the capital of India, is blended with several religions, multifarious customs and huge population. Where there is bulky population, there must be various hurdles too, and so Delhi is facing hindrance of many issues. One of the most top involving issues is Infertility, which is circling around not in Delhi but all over the world. IUI treatment in Delhi (Intrauterine insemination), a simple and soothing fertility course of medication, which disentangles matter of sterility.

IUI or Artificial Insemination is an easy and untroublesome process to get to the bottom of sterility cause. In a simple language if we say, it’s a procedure where sperms are put inside the uterus of the female partner to achieve pregnancy. This process of AI/ IUI enhances the chance of pregnancy.

Who can make choice of IUI treatment in Delhi?

IUI treatment Delhi is beneficial for those couples, who have their infertility cause unknown, male partner has low count sperms. IUI is simply minimal invasive and cost-effective process. This is one of the straightforward and walkover treatments to get rid of infertility issue. IUI is generally preferred by these scenarios-

  • Unexplained infertility
  • Male factor infertility (such as low sperms counts/ less sperms motility)
  • Problem with the ejaculation by male partner
  • Female who has the issue of cervical mucus
  • A single female wants to be a parent
  • First or second step of endometriosis
  • If sperm donor is used (sperm donor is used when the male partner is unable to hack good quality of sperms for the fertilization)
  • If a male partner has genetic disorder and he doesn’t want to pass it on in his offspring then the couple can choose IUI
  • Cervical scar tissue
  • Pain in sexual intercourse

IUI treatment strictly not allowed to –

  • Those women who have their fallopian tubes blocked
  • Severe endometriosis or advance stage of endometriosis
  • Past record of pelvic infection
  • Woman who has crossed her age limit (> 40 year old , can go for IVF or ICSI)

Nitty-gritty points about IUI treatment Delhi-

As already mentioned above that IUI is a trouble-free process and one of the easiest & painless fertility treatments to get to the bottom of sterility. IUI treatment clinic in Delhi provides the best medication of this treatment and makes 100% efforts to achieve the flying colours during the treatment. IUI is performed with or without fertility medication (depends upon the female cycle of ovulation). Process of IUI is given below step by step-

  • First you need to consult properly with your fertility experts and without hiding anything give clear conception of your issue.
  • If fertility medications are prescribed by the experts then start taking (usually the medications are started by the time of your periods). Fertility medications are given for the stimulation of the ovaries, so that instead of one egg multiple eggs releases.
  • Within 8-10 days of the medications you will likely to undergo transvaginal ultrasound and blood tests.
  • Based on your results, doctor get to know that when you will be ovulating. At the time of one or more follicles reach maturity, your experts arrange a trigger shot of hCG and plan for IUI procedure just after 30-35 hours.
  • Your partner has to give the semen sample on the day of IUI. Sperm will be as soon taken into the lab and washed ( here seminal fluid & other debris are eliminated to make sure that sperms are concentrated and not to irritate the uterus)
  • Sperms are directly injected into the uterus (speculum is used to gently open the vagina and then sperms are passed through the cervix into the uterus)

What are you waiting for?

There is not any discomfort faced by the woman but it happens rarely than some experiences mild uterine cramping or may be vaginal bleeding just after the procedure, but that’s not a big tension because you will get back soon in a healthy phase. We Care India is the foremost and leading brand to resolve any issue of infertility and has relatively higher success rate than other fertility clinic. Success rate of IUI Treatment Clinic in Delhi is based on the age of the female and male as well and the cause of your infertility. So, if you and your partner is facing problem to achieve or to conceive naturally, then must say, Not to wait further and pick out IUI treatment Delhi soon. 


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