India is has become a favored destination of the world for all kind of heart surgeries. Every year thousands of people travel to India for their Heart surgery in India. The reason being that the Heart surgery in India is very economical and it costs around 70-80% less to international patients as compared the cost of heart treatment in other western countries.

The fees of the doctors and surgeons who are performing the heart surgery in India are very reasonable and they do not compromise with the quality of the sophisticated heart surgery in India procedures. Although the Heart Treatment procedures such as bypass, valve replacement, open heart, minimally invasive heart surgery etc. are very expensive surgeries. It includes not only the procedure cost but also includes the pre – and – post operation expenses. You will find the cost variation depending on the location and the type of the heart surgery. However, heart surgery treatment cost in India includes all the things in the package only and for international patients, it also includes the cost of traveling, food, and accommodation.

For international patients, the heart surgery treatment cost in India is one-fifth of the cost which they are paying in their own countries.

Following are the factors on which the Heart Surgery Cost in India determines:

  • Age and medical history of the patient.
  • Fees of the doctor/ surgeon
  • Types of the heart procedures such as bypass, valve replacement, angioplasty etc.
  • The technique used for the Heart Surgery in India such as open heart, off-pump CABG, minimally invasive heart surgery etc.
  • The cost of the balloon or stents, pacemakers, valve implants if used in the Heart Surgery in India procedure.
  • Type of the room/ hotel facility

Generally, the heart hospitals in India compile the cost of the entire package which includes the charges of doctor’s fees, medicines, room rent and investigations during the stay of yours at the hospital between three to seven days for the Heart Surgery in India. The final Heart Surgery Cost in India may vary from patient to patient and their medical conditions.

The additional Heart Surgery Cost in India, post your hospital discharge for your medicines and post-surgery tests if required such as ECG, EKG, cardiac CT etc. and consultation fees of the regular doctor visits are not included in the Heart Surgery Cost in India package that expenses you need to bear separately.

The Heart Surgery in India for bypass surgery will approximately cost you between 4 to 6 lakhs while the cost of angioplasty by using one stent costs you between 4 to 5 lakhs. The cost of angioplasty will go up with the number and the type of stent is used for the Heart Surgery in India procedure.

The Heart Surgery Cost in India in metro cities is higher due to the taxes and the equipment etc.


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