Kidney Transplant in India

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Kidneys are a bean-shaped structure in your body that carries out the process of filtering your blood, maintaining the fluid balance in your body, and balances the number of electrolytes and other nutrients that your body needs. When your kidney becomes inefficient at performing either of the mentioned functions, then it’s an indication for having a kidney transplant in India. If your kidneys don’t function in an expected manner and the waste continues to build up, then soon it may result in kidney failure. In a kidney transplant, the doctor places a properly working kidney received from a donor (living or deceased). It is possible to live a healthy life with a single kidney only if it works effectively.

A kidney transplant in India is done when one or both of the patient’s kidneys have failed. One treatment to deal with kidney failure is dialysis, where the function of the kidneys to filter waste and other toxins is performed mechanically in case of malfunctioning kidneys. Transplant is a better option as it provides the facility of having a healthy kidney transplanted in your body and you do not have to visit the doctor every now and then for the treatment. Also, it increases the life expectancy of the patient who previously had kidney failure. Dialysis is a time taking procedure requiring frequent visits to a clinic where the blood is filtered with the aid of a dialysis machine.

We Care India is a popular health care tourism company in India that works in collaboration with certified medical experts possessing expertise in performing the best quality kidney transplant in India. They are known for delivering high success rates for different kinds of medical treatments in conjunction with affordable prices. Our assists the patients at each step of the treatment and make sure to give them a great treatment experience.

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Kidney Failure

When do you need a Kidney Transplant in India?

Kidney transplant is a necessity when both of your kidneys have stopped working completely, which is a condition called ESRD (end-stage renal disease). While this condition can be treated with dialysis but your doctor will recommend a kidney transplant as a complete solution. People dealing with this condition can get an advantage from a kidney transplant as it is a better option instead of depending upon dialysis for your survival.

Kidney transplant is offered by us at a reasonable kidney transplant cost in India. Undergoing kidney transplant in India assures the finest quality of life to the patients as they don’t have to take the pain and side effects of dialysis. Before undergoing the process of transplant, it is important for the patient to be healthy enough in order to have a transplant. You will be given heavy medication before and after the surgery, which is why it is important for you to be healthy so that you can bear the intensity of medication.

The patient will be given immunosuppressant medications to ensure that the kidney transplant is successful as there is a possibility of rejection of the new organ by your body. At We Care India, our doctors use sophisticated equipment to perform kidney transplants in India and are known for successfully executing various kidney transplant surgeries.

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What is the Procedure of Kidney Transplant in India?

Before beginning the process of a kidney transplant, the doctor will determine your suitability for the procedure by performing some blood tests, X-rays, ultrasounds and other imaging procedures. Then, the patient will be given general anesthesia so that he could sleep through the surgery. The anesthesia enters your body via intravenous(IV) line directed to your vein.

After sedating the patient, the surgeon creates a large incision in the abdomen for the purpose of implanting the kidney obtained from a donor. The surgeon will remove your kidneys only if they are totally damaged or causing issues in the healthy functioning of your body. Then, the blood vessels from the kidney will be attached to the blood vessels of your body so that blood can effectively pass through your new kidney. Also, the surgeon will fasten your new kidney’s ureter to your bladder so that you can urinate naturally. At last the surgeon will stitch the incision and may also do some draining in your abdominal area to remove the excess fluid built up, which might have accumulated during the surgery.

Recovering after Kidney Transplant in India

The time taken for recovery varies from patient to patient but usually, it takes about five to six months for the patient to recover from the surgery. The doctor will ask you to stay in the hospital for at least a week even if you think you are healthy enough to leave. You will be easily able to walk around if your condition was not too severe while undergoing the transplant. The doctor will suggest you avoid heavy lifting for two months.

You will be given a medication called immunosuppressant drugs to prevent your body from rejecting the transplanted kidney. The patient is also required to visit the clinic so that doctors can evaluate his conditioned to analyze whether recovery is happening in an expected manner. With time, the patient will be able to perform intense activities once the liver starts functioning normally without any major side effects.

Plausible Kidney Transplant Cost in India

The cost of kidney transplants in India comes under the price bracket of INR 4,50,000 to INR 5,50,000 that involves the cost of all the relevant procedures that take place during the surgery. This is the most sensible cost you can get for a kidney transplant in India along with the services of highly experienced medical professionals. At We Care India, our team provides extensive assistance to the patient for ensuring a speedy and effective recovery. Besides the top quality transplant, our success rates for different surgical treatments are extremely high when contrasted with that of the other hospitals, which is why international patients visit India for their kidney transplant.