IUI –The Standard Treatment for Attaining Pregnancy

IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is a basic assisted reproductive technology method employed to treat the less intricate cases of infertility. In IUI, the doctor injects motile sperms directly into the woman’s uterus via cervix when she is ovulating. It is a minimally intrusive fertility treatment done to induce pregnancy in women unable to conceive through the natural process or opting for the IUI treatment in India for other reasons.

The main aim of the treatment is to increase the quality and quantity of sperms penetrating the egg in order to increase the chances of fertilization and consequently, make pregnancy achievable. IUI is generally suggested to patients whose male counterpart is inefficient at making healthy and motile sperms. Also, single women wishing to conceive without the aid of a man can benefit from the treatment.

IUI Treatment in India, IUI Treatment Cost in India

IUI Treatment Put into Practice

Before beginning the insemination process, the doctors prescribe fertility medication to the woman for stimulating her ovaries. This simulation results in the production of healthy eggs in a substantial quantity, which are crucial for getting effective results in the process. The doctor gives her HCG hormone injection to make sure that her ovulation cycle has occurred, and once the surge in the LH hormone is evident, the subsequent step is insemination. The cost for various medications is included in the IUI treatment cost in India.

During IUI treatment in India, the doctor directly inserts the sperms (obtained from a male partner or a donor), with the assistance of a thin tube that passes through the cervix into the woman’s uterus; a sufficient quantity of sperms is placed into the uterus for increasing the chances of pregnancy. For obtaining the highest quality sperms, the sperm sample of the male partner is thawed and washed and the best-quality sperms are selected for insemination.

For a successful pregnancy to occur, it is imperative for the sperms to successfully permeate and fertilize the egg, and for the fertilized egg to successfully attach to the lining of your uterus. IUI treatment in India is a simple and less invasive process, contrary to the processes of other fertility treatments. The patient is not even given anesthesia during the treatment as the treatment is painless, causing only minor discomfort. However, the degree of discomfort is associated with the severity of the patient’s condition and other reproductive health issues.

Potential Risks involved in IUI Treatment in India

Like any other medical treatment, there are some risks associated with IUI treatment. However, the risks involved in the IUI fertility treatment are significantly less when compared to the other assisted reproductive treatments. For instance, there is a slight risk of getting infection during or after the IUI treatment. While preparing for the IUI treatment, if the woman is taking fertility medication such as gonadotrophin, then it will considerably impact her chancing of giving birth to twins or even triplets.

The patient is also at the risk of developing OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome), which is caused by excessive fertility medication that makes ovaries swollen. That’s why our fertility doctors in We Care India keeps a close check on our patients during the treatment. If the ovaries develop too many follicles during the process, then the best option would be to cancel the rest of the process and restart it again. Also, the fertility expert will also advise you to abstain from intercourse before three months or during the treatment process as having intercourse will put both, you and your child at high risk. It is essential that you carefully follow the instructions given by your doctor for achieving effective results of the IUI treatment in India.

Moderate IUI Treatment Cost in India

We Care India is a renowned fertility tourism company in India working in liaison with certified fertility doctors and medical professionals. Our fertility experts provide IUI treatment in India at the most affordable price in India. The IUI cost in India for a single cycle is USD 3000, which is the lowest cost that you can get for IUI treatment. Our price for IUI treatment is substantially lower when compared to the prices of fertility hospitals of developed nations. That’s the major attraction to international couples and the reason why they prefer India for their medical tourism. In most of the developed nations the charges for undergoing a single IVF cycle ranges between USD 7000 to USD 10000, which is highly expensive as compared to IUI treatment charges in India. Our fertility specialists offer fertility treatment that complies with international standards; they use high-quality surgical equipment and the latest method of treatment. The availability of great infrastructural facilities and the low IUI treatment cost in India compels the international patient to visit India to receive great fertility treatment. We strive to make fertility treatments accessible and affordable to couples all over the world and provide the finest quality treatment to every patient irrespective of their social class.

Lofty Success Rates of IUI Treatment in India

The success rate in your fertility treatment is dependent on various determinants such as your age, severity of your condition, reproductive health issues, other health problems, cause of infertility, previous medical history, etc. Our fertility doctors cautiously evaluate the patient’s condition in order to effectively diagnose the cause of infertility and provide appropriate treatment. This careful diagnosis helps in ensuring success in your fertility treatment and the chances of you going home with a baby. At We Care India, the chances of success in IUI treatment in India are around 40-45% per cycle. IUI is a suitable treatment option for couples who are not dealing with severe infertility issue and their condition is tractable with the help of basic fertility treatment. Especially if the couple or woman is under 35, this treatment can give desirable results as the age plays an important role in determining the success of your fertility treatment.

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