Procedure in india

Femoral Embolectomy Surgery India, Cost Femoral Embolectomy delhi India, Femoral Embolectomy Surgery Delhi India, Cost Femoral Embolectomy Surgery IndiaIf the main artery of the leg becomes blocked or the blood flow obstructed by a moving blood clot (an embolus), this can lead to severe pain and could lead to loss of the leg. Removing this clot is called an Embolectomy. During this procedure an incision is made into the groin to push the embolus. Another is made in the thigh to prevent the blot clot going into the artery of the other leg. A small plastic balloon is passed down the artery to push the embolus along and it is pulled out though the other incision. Depending on the amount of time the embolus has been in the artery the surgeon may have to make incisions in the tissue below the knee (the fascia). When blood supply is returned after so long the flow can often be too strong, trying to over compensate the leg becomes swollen. Cuts or fasciotomies are made to ease the pressure and help steady recovery. This procedure is normally performed under general anesthesia.

Length of procedure in india

This procedure takes up to 1 hour. Surgery time may vary due to the individual patient’s condition and individual operating procedures.

Side effects

They will feel tired and need extra rest 2 or 3 times a day .They may need to do this for 2 or 3 weeks.

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Recovery Period

Patients will have to stay in hospital 5 to 7 days, possibly more depending on if fasciotomies were needed. Within a day patients should be able walk with some assistance. And after four days patients should be experiencing only minor discomfort. They should be able to return to work within 6 to 12 weeks depending on the level of physical activity in the job.

Associated Risks

As with all types of surgery there are certain risks involved, these include infection, bleeding, nerve damage and reaction to anesthesia. The risks with this procedure are greatly increased with age. If the blot clot has come from the heart it may be a symptom of heart disease. If the patient is old and has heart disease chances of the operation being fatal can be up to 25 %. Another risk factor is the amount of time the artery has been blocked, if carried out within 6 hours the surgery has a very high success rate but this success rate reduces the longer the artery is blocked after this time. Further compilations can occur with the balloon and the fasciotomies, but these are very rare.

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